Sports Business Awards 2023
Sports Business Awards 2023


Innovation, service excellence, and a profound impact on the fan experience are key components that define success in the ever-vibrant world of sports. SECUTIX has not only embraced these principles but has now garnered a prestigious recognition for its outstanding contributions as it clinched the coveted title of the Best Business Serving Sport in the over £3 million turnover category at the Sports Business Awards 2023.

What the Sports Business Awards are all about?

The Sports Business Awards have become a cornerstone in the UK sports business calendar, serving as a momentous occasion to recognize, reward, and celebrate the prominent contributions that shape the country industry's landscape. Launched in 2017, they stand as a beacon celebrating the pinnacle of sports business excellence, drawing 500 attendees annually to its prestigious ceremony. The judging panel comprises Chief Executives of Sports Governing Bodies, individuals whose knowledge, expertise, and experience provide unparalleled insight into the challenges and demands of achieving success in the sports business.

Crafted to honour the indispensable influence of business in sports, the Sports Business Awards shine a spotlight on organizations, teams, and individuals who excel in their respective roles. Recognizing and rewarding the often-unseen achievements of the teams working behind the scenes, these awards pay tribute to their facilitation of sporting excellence and endeavours. The awards salute the resilience, adaptability, and resourcefulness, acknowledging the indispensable role the stakeholders play in the sports industry.

Secutix, winner of the Best Business Serving Sport category

Amidst a competitive field of companies with a turnover exceeding £3 million, SECUTIX, an ELCA company, emerged triumphant in the Best Business Serving Sport category at the Sports Business Awards 2023. This accolade marks a pivotal moment for SECUTIX, symbolizing its firm commitment to delivering exceptional products and services within the dynamic sports landscape.

In the words of the judges, "SECUTIX is delivering forward-thinking, fan-first ticketing technologies, designed to help its clients regain full control of their ticketing products and get closer to fans." SECUTIX's fast-growing and impressive performance as a market disrupter in the sports business sector also impressed the jury.

Why Secutix has won this category of the Sport Business Awards 2023?

SECUTIX's commitment to innovation, its dedication to providing a superior ticketing experience, and the advanced solutions that redefine sports event management, creating a profound impact in the sports business sector are the main reasons why the Event Industry Cloud received the Sports Business Awards 2023.

Innovative solutions in sports business

SECUTIX's victory in the Best Business Serving Sport category is deeply rooted in its relentless pursuit of innovation. The judges were not just impressed; they were captivated by SECUTIX's revolutionary approach. The company stands as a vanguard in delivering fan-first ticketing technologies, allowing its clients to not only sell tickets but to regain control of their entire ticketing ecosystem. This commitment positions SECUTIX as a market disrupter, a transformative force in the sports business sector.

For instance, imagine a sports fan purchasing a ticket seamlessly through a platform that not only caters to their immediate needs but also enhances their overall engagement with the sporting event. SECUTIX's pioneering solutions, as S-360and TIXNGO, redefine the fan experience, creating a symbiotic relationship between sports organizations and their supporters.

Superior ticketing experience

A pivotal aspect contributing to SECUTIX's win is its dedication to providing a superior ticketing experience. In a world where every interaction matters, SECUTIX ensures that the ticketing process is not merely transactional but an immersive, fan-friendly journey. By prioritizing the needs of fans, SECUTIX has mastered the art of turning a routine ticket purchase into a memorable engagement. This approach not only elevates the overall event experience but also establishes a profound connection between sports organizations and their loyal supporters.

For example, imagine a fan effortlessly navigating a mobile ticketing app, enjoying personalised recommendations, and accessing the venue naturally with a digital ticket. With SECUTIX' TIXNGO app, their commitment to a superior ticketing experience transforms ordinary transactions into memorable moments, fostering a deeper bond between sports organisations and their fans.

Advanced solutions for sports event management

SECUTIX's triumph extends beyond conventional ticketing services; it encompasses advanced solutions for sports event management. The company's comprehensive suite of tools empowers sports organizations to not only sell tickets but to efficiently plan, execute, and analyze events. This holistic approach reflects SECUTIX's commitment to providing end-to-end solutions that align with the dynamic needs of innovation in the sports industry.

For instance, envision a sports organization impeccably managing ticketing, access control, and fan engagement through a unified platform. SECUTIX's advanced solutions redefine the operational efficiency of sports events, offering a streamlined approach that resonates with organizers and fans alike.

SECUTIX: A testament to excellence

SECUTIX's victory at the Sports Business Awards 2023 is not merely an accolade; it's a testament to the company's stanch commitment to innovation, exceptional service, and making a lasting impact in the world of sports.

After receiving the award, David Hornby, Managing Director, SECUTIX UKI  made the following comment on-stage:

“It feels fantastic recognition for the SECUTIX business as we have grown in the World of Sport. The team have put a huge amount of effort in, particularly in the past few years. It’s a tremendous honour for us to win this award. Technology often operates behind the scenes and our team is incredibly passionate, about what they do, and what they deliver with our partners. So, receiving this award is something truly special for all our stakeholders and team members” 


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