SECUTIX works like a digital control tower, providing you with the information and tools you need to direct and regulate the flow of visitors within a venue.
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Real-Time Traffic Regulation

Real-Time Traffic Control

Get real-time information about visitor flow, and mobile alerts when a set number of people have entered a venue or area. Instantly detecting flow issues and control problems like network connectivity or faulty scanners allows you to respond faster – for example, by sending extra staff to an entrance, delaying a show until more of the audience has arrived, or holding the entrance to a particular room or area.
Reduce fraud

Granular Control & Customisation

Configure tickets so they give visitors access to specific areas within your venue, for a set amount of time. This gives you the freedom to divide your venue into separate areas, each with different access rules – for example, if you want to limit access to a special exhibit or auditorium.
Mobile terminals or Turnstiles

Mobile Terminals or Turnstiles

Our access control technology is based on barcode or RFID card reading, using turnstiles, professional PDAs and smartphones. (Please get in touch for a full list of supported barcode and RFID card readers). The system works with e-tickets, m-tickets and thermic tickets, whether issued by the venue itself or by third parties and external distributors.
Visit Reports

Visit Reports

Analyse visits using built-in reports. Compare bookings with actual visits, monitor attendance in real-time, and gain insight into visitor behaviour and the attractiveness of different venue areas.

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