Our state-of-the-art, omnichannel payment platform offers end-to-end processing independently from sales channel and payment method – speeding up your business, maximising your sales and enabling you to deliver better customer service.
SECUTIX Payment Services


Omnichannel Data at Fingertips

Omnichannel data at your fingertips

Payment processing has never been as easy as it is today, as transactions made in eCommerce, Proximity or MOTO are all in the same platform and can be handled there independently of the channel
Any payment method anywhere

Any payment method, anywhere

Stay up to date with the latest payment methods and regulations, so your customers – both at home and abroad – can use whatever payment method they want.
SECUTIX partnership for all ticketing payment needs

A single partner for everything

Take out a simple, comprehensive contract with one partner, to save the time and cost of registering and negotiating with several payment service providers.
Easy set-up and seamless support

Easy set-up and seamless support

Get set up quickly and remotely on our payments system and benefit from seamless technical support, so you can keep selling even if you have any issues.
Fair and transparent cost of solution

Fairer, more transparent costs

Use a platform with a fair and transparent pricing model, that has the same markup for transactions made using any payment method.
Features to boost sales

Features that boost your sales

Benefit from cutting-edge technology that automatically detects fraud and payment problems, so your customers are more likely to complete their transactions.


The complete solution

We'll work with you and your partners to provide ticketing solutions that fit both your business and the needs of your customers. 

  • A centralised system

    The payments industry is full of complex challenges – from contracting with multiple providers, to managing multi-channel sales and gathering transaction data from various sources.

    Working with global payment provider Adyen, we’ve created a centralised system that simplifies these challenges by offering end-to-end payment processing for every sales channel and payment method.

  • Full data visibility

    Our user-friendly web platform gives you real-time information on the status of every transaction and automated breakdowns of both your box office and online ticket store payments – including when and how they’re made.

    Having all this information in one place makes it easier to resolve payment issues and easier to exchange sales data with your accounting system, without having to reconcile data from different providers.

  • Futureproof technology

    Every year brings new payment methods and regulations to the market. But SECUTIX Payment Services will keep evolving, to ensure you’re always up to date with the latest technologies.

    Using our platform, you can allow ticket buyers – both at home and abroad – to pay using whatever method they want. This makes the process easier and more convenient for your customers, so they’re more likely to complete their transactions.

  • Simple contracts

    Our contracts are simple, clear and comprehensive – saving you the time and cost of registering and negotiating terms with multiple payment service providers.

    And because we control the full payment chain on your behalf, you’ll only have one partner to contact if you need help resolving any issues.

  • Seamless set-up and support

    Getting set up on our payment system could hardly be simpler: we can onboard you via a link and configure your terminals remotely.

    And if a terminal ever fails, just replace it with the spare device that we provide as standard: we’ll activate it remotely, so you can keep selling, without having to wait for an engineer to arrive on-site.

  • Fair, transparent costs

    Our system has an Interchange++ pricing model, which clearly shows you the payment card costs: the acquirer markup, the card scheme fee and the interchange fee.

    Instead of varying our markup for each payment method, we only ever invoice the cost to us, plus a fixed fee – which is the same in the EU and the US.

  • Secure, streamlined payments

    We’ve developed SECUTIX Payment Services with the help of our technological partner Adyen, which offers the highest conversion rate on the market, by proactively solving payment problems and detecting attempted fraud using its proprietary AI technology.

    Our platform is equipped with a range of cutting-edge features that make the payments process as seamless as possible, so your customers are more likely to complete their transactions.