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Festival Radio France


The “Nouveau Festival Radio France Occitanie Montpellier “ is undergoing a major transformation. This dynamic evolution began in 2023 with the launch of the first edition under the direction of Michel Orier. The new programme includes an enriched edition with the inclusion of jazz and electro artists alongside great names of the classical scene with the overall objective to target a younger and more diverse audience.

Denis Bretin, Secretary General of Radio France's Department of Music and Creation, comments:

"Giving a new impetus to a historic festival by renewing its programming and its audiences, creating synergies between Radio France and the local offer in Montpellier, and opening up the musical perspectives of our listeners are our main objectives. The introduction of a new, high-performance ticketing system that matches our ambitions for this festival is an integral part of our strategy of openness and innovation."

Radio France wanted to modernise all the tools used to organise the festival and give it a new dynamic. This year, this transformation will be accelerated by the introduction of SECUTIX - Radio France's ticketing partner for over ten years - to manage ticket sales. The introduction of SECUTIX will enable a number of improvements, including :

  • The introduction of a modernised sales site with optimised display of the seating plan.
  • The development of cross-promotional offers between the festival and Radio France, and more precise and qualified targeting of audiences through data sales , CRM expertise and tools sharing .

SECUTIX, a market leader in digital solutions for events, cultural and leisure venues, has already made a mark within the Radio France group and will enable operational synergies between the two organisations to be strengthened, while developing cross-selling opportunities for Radio France audiences and subscribers.

"The SECUTIX S-360 tool meets a threefold objective," explains Arnaud Marichez, Deputy General Secretary in charge of Audiences at Radio France, "commercial – with a growth objective to continue and accelerate revenue gains that began in 2023 - we welcomed more than 55,000 spectators last year, and doubled our sales. The aim now is to consolidate and continue this growth over the coming years. Operational - by proposing management gateways and support between Radio France teams already familiar with the tool, and human - with the introduction of a ticketing system designed to reach a wider and younger audience".

Today, the advanced functionalities implemented by SECUTIX for the Nouveau Festival Radio France Occitanie Montpellier in 2024 include:

  • B2C online sales
  • Box office sales
  • Subscription sales
  • Seating plan
  • Access control
  • Reporting and data management
  • Contact database management

Adèle Foret, Sales Director for live entertainment at SECUTIX concludes:

"We are delighted to see Radio France - an institutional pillar of French musical culture and our long-standing partner - extend its collaboration with SECUTIX solutions to diversify its musical offering and boost a historic festival in its sales and marketing approach."

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