At SECUTIX, we’ve made it our mission to unlock the potential of the world’s best experiences – the ones never to be missed and forever enjoyed. Securely, seamlessly, and in a way that excites and inspires. In everything we do and deliver, our goal is to open your world.
Event Industry Cloud

What we offer

Our cutting-edge, open cloud ticketing and engagement platforms help you to understand and engage with your customers, monetise your products and services, secure your operations and enhance your audiences’ experience before, during and after the event.
Scalable, modular and designed to fit seamlessly into any business and IT ecosystem, our white label, SaaS solutions give you the control and confidence you need to take your business – and your events – to the next level.
We offer a suite of three products, each designed to address a different set of business needs: S-360, TIXNGO and OXYNADE.
Ticketing sales


The most complete open, cloud-based platform for event professionals, S-360 combines a wealth of features, ranging from ticketing and analytics to marketing and commerce. As a white label SaaS service, S-360 fits any digital ecosystem and unlocks events’ potential by boosting ticket sales, enhancing audience engagement and securing operations.


S–360 is used and trusted by many of the world’s largest sports clubs and stadiums, live entertainment businesses, and leading museums and cities, including UEFA, Opera National de Paris, Centre Pompidou, Saracens RFC, Wimbledon and Museé Picasso Paris.



The market-leading secure mobile ticketing platform, TIXNGO uses the latest blockchain and AI technologies to eliminate fraud, boost security and enhance both data gathering and audiences’ experience. It creates a unique, encrypted smartphone ticket that’s completely traceable – removing the risk of counterfeit tickets and making it easier for people to transfer or re-sell tickets securely. The platform can be integrated with any digital ecosystem and with existing apps through its API, or accessed through the branded TIXNGO branded app.


Millions of tickets have been securely distributed and exchanged worldwide using TIXNGO. We’ve not only proved not that it works, but that it works at scale for huge sporting events and for high-profile artists in the creative industries, as they unite to tackle fraud and the exploitation of their fans.

Man in sunglasses happy at a festival


Europe’s fastest growing, self-service ticketing platform, OXYNADE combines next generation ticketing technology with an integrated marketing flow to maximise value while reducing costs. API-based and 100% white label, the platform allows you to create a fully personalised online store and tickets that blend in seamlessly with your website, app and visual branding.


Used by thousands of clients to sell millions of tickets while enhancing their audiences’ experience, OXYNADE takes the hassle of ticketing and engagement, so you can focus on managing your business and delivering a great experience.

The complete solution

We work with you and your partners to provide ticketing solutions that fit your business and revolve around your customers.