secure mobile ticket wallet

Eliminate fraud, boost your security and agility, connect better with your fans and take their experience to the next level.

Digitise your audience

Get to know ticket buyers better by collecting their data when they download the app and sign in.

Communicate better with fans, using push notifications before, during, and after your event.

Provide customers with a simple, secure way to transfer or resell tickets to their friends.

Save people the hassle of having to print paper tickets. Their phone is their ticket. 



Reduce Fraud

Prevent fraud using QR-codes that only appear at the entrance of your event.

Detect suspicious activities using AI machine learning.

Create your own online ticket resale marketplace.

Remove counterfeit tickets and allow your customers to check that their tickets are valid.

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Upgrade security

Provide multi-level security.

Create unique, encrypted, traceable tickets using blockchain technology.

Control the time and geo-location where tickets are activated.

Prevent fake tickets thanks to moving QR code elements, block screenshotting and video recording. 

Identify every fan using their photo and contact details.  


A secure mobile ticket wallet

Both iOS and Android compatible, TIXNGO is a customizable mobile wallet where fans can securely store and transfer digital tickets.

The TIXNGO is a secure solution where you can also upsell up front. For instance, share a banner linked to your merchandising online store or promote other scheduled events sales. 

To gain entry to an event, fans present their TIXNGO tickets on their phone to be scanned at the gate. This will avoid headaches for your fans trying to find the right email or even loose a printed ticket. The only thing they need to bring with them is their phone.

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A web-based Management Console

This browser-based app hosted by TIXNGO provides event organisers with tools and charts to track and manage both their tickets and their customers.

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Monitor and take full control of your insights

Get to know your audience and increase your database, to cut the cost of acquiring highly qualified leads

Boost and monetise your fans’ engagement by offering them exciting new experiences.

Map their experience by sending surveys and engage with them through push notifications.

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A set of API Open to connect with your ecosystem

TIXNGO is an agnostic solution that can be easily integrated with your ticketing system and access control, adding a new digital and smart delivery method for your tickets.

Leverage our public set of APIs connecting with your business tools in real-time.