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The SecuTix 360° ticketing solution is a global integrated software suite, which has been developed in particular for professionals in the fields of entertainment, leisure and events, who wish to expand their offering and revenue but also to excel in managing their customer relationship.

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Live entertainment

Play to a full house

A huge crowd is heading nervously towards the box offices as soon as they open.

The ticket clerks are waiting for reserved seats to be released so that they can offer a ticket to as many people as possible.

One ticket clerk is busy with a couple who has lost their tickets.

What if you took control to handle these issues?

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Opéra national de Paris
Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne
Teatre Lliure
Théâtre du Châtelet
Teatre Nacional de Catalunya
Centro Cultural Miguel Delibes
Palau de la Música Catalana
Philharmonie de Paris


Free up access to your museum

Ten days ago Luc reserved his ticket on the Internet.

Léa used the interactive kiosks to buy her ticket on site and thus avoided having to queue at the ticket offices.

Michel saw a poster for the exhibition in the underground, flashed the QR code and downloaded a ticket on to his mobile phone.

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Musée Picasso Paris
Abbaye de Fontevraud


Set the pace with your ticketing!

The festival is sold out and Lucie doesn't want to go through black market to find a ticket.

After learning about it on social networks, she goes to the ticket exchange, obtains her coveted ticket and, thanks to a packaged offer, buys the ticket to travel to the festival at the same time. The tickets are downloaded on to her smartphone: all she has to do now is jump on the train and meet her friends!

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Paléo Festival Nyon

Sports clubs

Score points off the field

When he was 18, Julian was given his first season ticket. He used to meet his friends at the stadium where they would argue about the recent matches over a drink. They regularly bought things at the team store with their membership cards.

Now, at age 32, he rents a VIP box for the year. It is here that he entertains his best customers, yet he still supports his favorite team just as he used to do on day one.

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Havre Athletic Club


Arenas and stadiums

More than a stadium

Monday, 8 p.m., match night.

Tuesday, 10 a.m., guided visit and lunch in a reserved skybox.

Wednesday, 7.30 p.m., concert and shopping.

What if you could multiply the opportunities to extend the relationship with your spectators?

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Consortium Stade de France
Stade Océane

Theme parks

Boost the satisfaction of your visitors!

Mr. Mason uses his smartphone to purchase and download tickets for all the family.

He has chosen the VIP family pack, including fast-track tickets to avoid the queues.
The family visits the shop to benefit from the offer received by SMS.

And what would you do if you were able to add new dimensions to your visitors' experience?

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Isla Magica
Abbaye de Fontevraud

Trade shows, exhibitions

Exhibit your know-how!

It is eight o'clock and lines of delivery trucks are arriving on after another.

The organizer of the forthcoming congress orders 25 extra passes by email.

You receive a call from the head of security about the PDAs.

What if you had a single solution to manage everything reliably and efficiently in a centralized manner?

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Olma Messen St.Gallen


Orchestrate the cultural offering!

Children are begging to attend the football match announced at the supermarket.

A couple discovers in your local newspaper the offer for the latest theatre play.

Passers-by scan the QR code on the poster for the major exhibition in your region.

And what if you were able to manage everything from a centralized point?

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Ville de Reims
SecuTix: A new-generation integrated ticketing solution for the cultural and leisure industries

Solution and services

Develop your public relations management policy, implement your marketing strategy with precise segmenting, extend your services with sales channels in tune with the new uses of the mobile Internet and make use of a professional customer relationship management module.

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SecuTix offers an integrated ticketing solution , which allows you to manage your operational activities, while prioritizing the visitor experience in areas such as the sale of tickets and services, management of guided tours, shop management, management of private lounges, access control and visualization of room availability.

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Do you need support with your ticketing activities, either on a regular basis or at certain times? SecuTix provides you with operational management services to prepare and succeed in your sales as well as advice and marketing services to maximise the impact of your campaigns, making the most of your data.

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SecuTix is based on an open and modular architecture that forms part of your information system, which will accompany you in the evolution of your IT requirements, your new activities and your partnerships.

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