New Opportunities

Customize the TIXNGO secure mobile wallet following your Brand ID

Customise every aspect of your TIXNGO secure mobile ticket wallet, so it fits seamlessly with your look and feel (logo, colours, fonts, style, design etc)


Flexible connection with any ticketing system

TIXNGO is easy to implement no matter what ticketing or access control system you use for any category of ticket. TIXNGO is a cloud solution designed to be agnostic from your technology stack.


Deliver TIXNGO the right way for you

We offer three ways to implement TIXNGO technology, depending on your preferences and priorities. 


1. Use TIXNGO alongside your fan app

The use of TIXNGO secure mobile wallet will provide your fans an exclusive way to keep or transfer their tickets. TIXNGO secures smooth ticketing operation in any venue condition, independently from network coverage. Tickets are securely delivered and stored in TIXNGO mobile wallet without any dependency from your fan app performances.


2. Link your fan app to a TIXNGO mobile ticket wallet

Would you like to connect your fan app with TIXNGO to provide secure tickets with a seamless user experience? With just one click, your fans can have the best of the two worlds: fan app experience and secure mobile ticketing.


3. Integrate TIXNGO within your fan app 

Using the SDK, you can integrate TIXNGO tech within your fan app. This gives it secure ticketing capabilities so that fans can use a single app for everything, and enjoy an even more streamlined event experience.