Boost your revenue by developing a smart, flexible sales portal that allows you to sell tickets and merchandise from multiple venues, promoters and organisations, while working more efficiently with your partners and sales agencies.
Ticketing City Solutions


Sales Portal

Expand your marketplace

SECUTIX allows you to bring together multiple events and attractions, from museums and concerts to sporting events, in a single online marketplace.
Partner Agencies

Partner with sales agencies

SECUTIX allows you to use sales agencies to sell products in your marketplace, while keeping control of your inventory.
Purchase History

Third Party Products

SECUTIX’s open architecture allows you to sell events in third party venues which use other ticketing systems.
Getting closer to our clients

Simplify revenue sharing

SECUTIX automatically calculates the amount due to different stakeholders involved in a show, exhibition or event.

The complete solution

We'll work with you and your partners to provide ticketing solutions that fit both your business and the needs of your customers.