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The pivotal role of security in stadiums

The collective roar of the crowd, the palpable tension in the air, and the electrifying atmosphere of a stadium packed with fans eagerly awaiting their favorite teams and artists to take the field – there's nothing quite like the experience of attending a live event. Stadiums are not just brick-and-mortar structures; they are the epicenters of shared emotions, community bonding, and memorable moments etched in time. However, amidst the exhilaration and camaraderie, there lies an essential aspect that demands unwavering attention – security. 

In an era where safety concerns and unforeseen incidents have reshaped the way we approach public gatherings, ensuring security at stadiums has become an imperative like never before. The multifaceted nature of modern security challenges, coupled with the vulnerability of large crowds, necessitates a comprehensive and robust approach to safeguarding the well-being of everyone in attendance. 

Enhancing security at stadiums is a multifaceted endeavor that requires a combination of technological advancements, strategic planning, and community engagement.


Nominative ticketing and ticket traceability with Secure Mobile Ticketing

Nominative ticketing, coupled with comprehensive ticket traceability, stands as a paramount security measure fortifying stadiums. Nominative ticketing requires individuals to purchase tickets using their personal information, thereby creating a direct link between the ticket and the attendee. This practice not only discourages unauthorized resale and scalping but also aids in swift identification of attendees in case of emergencies. Complementing this, ticket traceability employs advanced technological systems to monitor the entire lifecycle of a ticket – from purchase to entry – establishing a meticulous record of its journey. This traceability enhances security by deterring counterfeit tickets, pinpointing the origin of any fraudulent activities, and facilitating targeted interventions when needed. By synergizing nominative ticketing and ticket traceability, stadiums can offer a safer and more controlled environment for spectators while preserving the integrity of the event-going experience. 

Identifying fans can be seen as a violation of the principle of proportionality. For this reason, SECUTIX has developed a flexible fan registration process to meet the needs of sports organisations. This process allows for thorough customisation of both mandatory and optional information required for ticket purchase. 

Many organisations around the world are wary of accepting nominative tickets due to legal restrictions and fan club relationships. 

SECUTIX remains committed to addressing these complexities and providing tailored solutions that address the legal considerations and unique dynamics of each organisation, such as TIXNGO, its secure mobile ticketing solution.


Benefits of Secure Mobile Ticketing for Different Stakeholders 

By fostering these benefits across different stakeholders, ticketing becomes more streamlined, secure, and aligned with contemporary technological advancements. 

Benefits of Secure Mobile Ticketing for Fans: 


Fans enjoy a convenient and secure mobile ticketing experience. It also makes the entire ticketing experience simpler and more stress-free for the audience. Instead of having to scroll through their inbox to find the email with their ticket, fans can simply open the mobile wallet on their phone.

Benefits of Secure Mobile Ticketing for event organiser: 

Ticket digitalisation

The event organiser benefit from the digitisation of their ticketing processes, leading to increased efficiency.

Secure tickets

Implementing secure ticketing methods protects the organizer against fraudulent activity. 

Full control over ticket distribution

Event organizer have full control over ticket distribution, improving management and security. 

Customised distribution rules

Specific rules for ticket transfer, QR code activation and anti-screenshot can be set according to the needs of the event. 

Real-time data

Access to real-time data and insights, enabling organisers to make informed decisions. 

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Using the app registration process, the customisable KYC process is seamlessly integrated and adheres to selected standards.


Unlocking new business opportunities with SECUTIX's Secure Mobile Ticketing TIXNGO. 

Expanding the fan database

SECUTIX' secure mobile ticketing solution TIXNGO goes beyond simple tracking and offers event organisers a way to significantly increase their fan base.  

In-App reselling

By seamlessly integrating resale functionality into the mobile app, event organisers can significantly increase the volume of tickets resold. This strategic move has the potential to increase associated fees by up to 1.8 times, maximising revenue opportunities. 

Fighting the black market

The robust features of Secure Mobile Ticketing enable organisers to effectively combat ticket scalping and the black market. In high-intensity match scenarios, this can lead to the recapture of tickets, generating up to €2 million in revenue. 

Digital souvenirs for fans

Increase fan engagement by rewarding genuine supporters with digital souvenirs. This innovative approach not only strengthens fan loyalty, but also lays the groundwork for taking advantage of Web 3.0. 

Paid transfers

Full control over ticket distribution can be leveraged to introduce fees for transferring tickets between mobile devices. This flexibility not only increases control, but also opens up potential revenue streams. 


SECUTIX' secure mobile ticketing solution, TIXNGO, goes beyond traditional ticketing solutions to provide a dynamic platform to create new revenue streams, increase fan engagement and optimise operational efficiency.


Proven track record of delivering Secure Mobile Ticketing

Our unrivalled track record in providing secure mobile ticketing solutions is underlined by the trust placed in us by major events and respected organisations around the world. With a global presence, we have successfully delivered over 16 million tickets for some of the most prominent events, demostrating our industry leadership and expertise.

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