7 reasons why a Native Digital Asset Wallet enhance the fan event experience

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Mobile Ticket Scan SECUTIX


Whether it’s sport, music or theatre, digital ticketing has overtaken as the standard method of distribution for event organizers across the globe. While the plethora of benefits that come with digital ticketing far outweigh those of traditional methods, this isn’t to say the approach doesn’t have its own drawbacks. 

The most frequent issues we see for both organizers and fans come about when non-dedicated solutions like standard mobile wallets are used to store tickets. While convenient for basic use, the one-size-fits-all nature of these mobile wallets can quickly wreak havoc. 

From reports of instances where some standard mobile ticket wallets have disappeared completely, causing chaos on the day of an event, to a lack of mobile ticket transfer capabilities, it’s no surprise that more and more event organizers are put off by these mobile wallet issues, and instead are opting for a dedicated solution that ensures safe, secure tickets as the Native Digital Asset Wallet.

A digital asset refers to any form of content, data, or information that is stored and transmitted digitally. These assets can include a wide range of items, such as documents, images, audio files, videos, software, electronic records, tickets, NFT’s and more. The term "digital asset" encompasses anything that exists in a binary format and can be accessed, shared, or manipulated using digital devices and technology.

Here are 7 benefits of dedicated Native Digital Asset Wallets (NDAW) over standard mobile wallets:

1. User Experience and Branding

By utilizing a dedicated NDAW the user experience can be tailored and customized to provide an immersive brand experience. 

This ensures that all interactions resonate with your event's identity, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and partners.

2. Ticketing Behavior and Fan Insights

A dedicated NDAW provides a holistic overview of user behavior and full visibility of the ticket lifecycle, enabling organizers to take action when necessary. This is vital in detecting, preventing and solving suspicious or fraudulent ticketing activities. 

Additionally, organizers can build direct relationships with fans, ensuring interactions and data collection remain free from third-party interference, bolstering trust in the brand and future events. 

3. Usage Control and Direct Assistance 

A streamlined ticket management distribution system can notify users if tickets haven't been downloaded, sending push notifications and reminders. Dedicated NDAW apps are purpose built to ensure event day operation success. Unlike when standard mobile ticket wallet issues arise, a dedicated app can proactively assist through real-time notifications or support features. 

In addition, in case of access control system issues or network problems, backup solutions like manual activation checks ensure people can still get into the venue as they are built into specialized ticket wallets. 

4. Extending the Fan Experience

Beyond ticketing and ensuring event operation security, a dedicated NDAW can connect to other event specific apps the organizer may offer, coordinating automatically through API’s.

This allows for further engagement opportunities like memorabilia, exclusive content, digital assets, collectibles and NFTs and fan interactions, enriching the event experience and fostering stronger ties with attendees.

5. Platform Independence

Relying on third-party platforms like those offered by tech giants poses platform risk. Terms could change unexpectedly, potentially demanding higher fees or introducing policies that affect your bottom line. By having your own NDAW, this risk is mitigated, ensuring a consistent and transparent profit structure.

6. Increase Brand Value

With a dedicated NDAW, all value creation from the event directly benefits the organizer's brand. This stands in stark contrast to third-party systems where significant portions of the event's value could be credited to external entities.

7. Purpose-Built Advantage

A bespoke event wallet is backed by technology specifically designed for the event industry, reflecting the expertise of companies with a long history in the sector. In comparison, generic mobile ticket wallets are essentially digital versions of leather wallets, lacking the specialization to manage the complexities associated with large-scale international events that may host tens or hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of attendees.

The advantages of using a dedicated event wallet in comparison to a standard mobile ticket wallet couldn’t be clearer. Question marks over whether these standard mobile wallets are safe and secure persist as an issue among event organizers, and those who want to create the optimal experience for fans are growingly turning their back on these solutions in favor of purpose-built ticketing wallets such as SECUTIX’s Native Digital Asset Wallets TIXNGO.


Features of standard mobile ticket wallets VS TIXNGO


Out of the box Feature Summary

Native Digital Asset Wallet (TIXNGO) Standard Mobile Ticket Wallets


QR Code activation at a specific date
QR Code activation via Bluetooth beacon activation
Prevent screen capture and video recording of the ticket
Detection of suspicious accounts
Block and Delete accounts
Limit the number of mobile phones per account
Limit the number of active sessions per account
Individul mobile logs available to help any troubleshooting.
SSO integration (OpenID)


Ticket In-app transfers (Without going through third party systems)
Advanced transfer rules (limit the number transfers per ticket, «Keep One», block transfer after ticket activation, etc.)
Advanced ticket assignment (Define name, mobile number, etc. on the ticket)
Visualization of ticket transfers on the admin tool
Send multiple tickets at the same time from the app
Advanced transfer for B2B from the app directly (2024)


Complete management of the tickets and the platform via the admin tool
Information Message to encourage spectators to transfer their tickets
Quick Visualization of the number of valid tickets on the mobile phone via «bluetooth beacon check» or «Manual Check»
Personnalise Push Notifications
Offline enabled -
Rich ticket layout (Sponsor section, seat map section, etc.)
Multi-language enabled
Promotional section in the app
Ability to collaborate with public authorities
Integration with S-360 resale platform

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