Why SecuTix?

SecuTix 360° was born in the cloud with a fresh approach to ticketing. Our advanced ticketing technology platform, combined with our ‘shared success’ business model lets you step into a new realm of ticket sales and marketing.

What Makes SecuTix Unique?


SecuTix helps you take control and re-own your ticket sales and marketing operations. You run your own online ticket shop, call centre, mobile app and other distribution channels, create new products, monitor sales and adjust as needed. You also collect and own all end customer data, which lets you understand your audience, run one-to-one marketing campaigns at scale and build customer loyalty.

Shared success

Unlike most ticketing solution that are not digital native, we continuously expand and enhance our ticketing platform to support your evolving needs and accompany you in your transition to digital ticketing and audience engagement. In fact, we’re so confident in our ability to make you successful online, that our pricing structure includes an optional shared revenue model. Your success is ours too.


Our customers choose us because they trust our team. We operate as a business partner, rather than a software supplier, with a passionate and dedicated group of people who genuinely care about helping you grow and achieve your business goals.


Your business needs and IT environment are unique – you want to run ticketing operations as part of your other business processes and have the flexibility to bring in new features as your business needs evolve. That’s why we’ve built SecuTix 360° as an open platform to integrate with your existing systems and have partnered with multiple 3rd party applications, so that you can run ticketing operations tailored to your needs.

Market trust

From small-size customers to the largest venues, our platform is used by over 125 live sites across Europe, with 30 million tickets processed yearly. But don’t take our word – see what our customers say. With 15-years of experience in the ticketing industry, we know what works, which pitfalls to avoid, and can assist you with best practices, as well as outsource marketing services to execute your marketing campaigns.

Investment protection

Because SecuTix runs in the cloud as a SaaS service, there are no hidden costs for hardware, software or ongoing maintenance labour. With four software updates a year, you can be sure you have access to the latest and greatest ticketing features, so that you’ll never be stuck with an obsolete solution.

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