Our advanced technology, combined with our shared success business model, allows you to step into a whole new world of digital ticket sales and marketing.
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Born in the cloud, SECUTIX offers a fresh approach to ticketing

Greater control

Our solutions give you full control of your ticket sales and marketing. You can run your own online ticket shop, call centre, mobile app and other distribution channels, create new products, monitor your sales and make adjustments whenever you need. You also collect and own all end customer data, so you can understand your audience better, run one-to-one marketing campaigns at scale and build customer loyalty.



Shared success

Unlike most ticketing solutions that aren’t digitally native, we’re constantly expanding and enhancing our platform, to support your evolving needs and transition to digital ticketing and audience engagement. In fact, we’re so confident of boosting your sales, that we offer a shared revenue pricing option. Your success is our success.






Total flexibility

Each business and IT system is unique. That’s why we’ve designed S-360 as an open platform, which integrates seamlessly with your existing IT set-up and business processes – enabling you to keep adding new features as your business evolves. We’ve also partnered with a wide range of third party applications, so you can tailor your ticketing system exactly to your needs.



A trusted solution

Our platform is used by over 125 live sites, from small venues to some of the largest in Europe, and processes 30 million tickets every year. But don’t take our word for it – see what our customers say. With 15 years’ experience in the ticketing industry, we know what works, which pitfalls to avoid, and can guide you on best practices and even help to outsource the execution of your marketing campaigns.



A futureproof investment

Because S-360 runs in the cloud as a SaaS service, there are no hidden hardware, software or maintenance costs. We offer four software updates every year, so you’ll always have access to the latest and greatest ticketing features, and never be stuck with an outdated solution.

The complete solution

We work with you and your partners to provide ticketing solutions that fit your business and revolve around your customers.