Strategies for maximising museum revenues

An overview of business practices adopted by forward-thinking cultural institutions

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  • How to increase and diversify earned revenue

  • Ways to run a museum like a business while delivering on the primary mission to make culture accessible to everyone

  • Why a customer-centric approach is fundamental

About the author

“Not so long ago, it was taboo for a museum to discuss business strategies as a means to raise turnover, let alone to call a visitor a ‘customer’. But times are changing and museums are now more comfortable with combining business and philanthropic motivations.”

Marc Merpillat is the Business Development Lead for Museums at SecuTix.  He has a deep knowledge of the museum sector having spent five years at the Musée du Louvre as its Deputy Director for Marketing and Cultural Sponsoring. In this role, he overlooked the museum’s promotional activities, audience development, loyalty programs, sales strategy and CRM usage.