The city of Reims has implemented an innovative ticketing project to promote a unified cultural network involving the main local cultural institutions (opera house, entertainment venues, theatres and museums). SecuTix ticketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software was chosen to modernise the visitor’s purchase user journey and to facilitate the combination of offers from multiple institutions in attractive packages.

Showcasing the cultural activities offered by Reims

The cultural life of Reims is dynamic and rich. Reims offers a varied and constantly evolving cultural programme across numerous venues and nationally renowned festivals, appealing to all sections of the public.

To showcase its cultural activities, Reims decided to create a cultural network, bringing together four major cultural institutions (the opera, two theatres and a concert hall), the local municipal museums and a cultural information centre called “Le Trésor”.

This involved the implementation of a shared ticketing platform across all institutions to enable the implementation of a centralised online point of sale with single transaction purchase and paperless tickets.

Simplifying the purchasing user journey

The project’s main goal was to make it easier for visitors to buy tickets online. The city of Reims was looking to project a modern image and align the purchasing user journey with the expectations of digitally aware consumers. Historically each of these institutions managed its own ticketing, sales channels and CRM.

A crucial requirement of the shared ticketing project was to preserve the autonomy of each institution by striking the perfect balance between integration and independence.

It was important for each institution involved to maintain full control over their operational decisions, and in particular their event programming, prices, sales channels and visual identity. Therefore the ticketing solution needed to be adaptable to the requirements of each institution while offering the entire range of functionality expected of a modern digital ticketing system.

Following a consultation process, the city of Reims decided to implement SecuTix ticketing and CRM solution and today all ten of the city’s cultural institutions are fully integrated and live on SecuTix 360°.

Benefits: A shared shopping basket and CRM

Thanks to the common ticketing system now in place, the city of Reims benefits from a centralised and fully featured ticketing service.

Visitors can now buy tickets for several events in a single quick transaction, either online or at the “Trésor” information point.

Long trips for ticket purchase or collection are now a thing of the past, thanks to pdf (print@home) and mobile ticketing formats. The city can offer new products like joint museum and concert tickets, gift vouchers, loyalty programmes and similar.

The centralisation of all customer transactions in a single database allows visitor history to be tracked across all cultural institutions.

The shared CRM system is the starting point for fine grained statistical analysis of customer profiles, such as where they come from, how old they are, and how they spend their money on cultural events taking place in Reims.

Financial data remains confidential so that each institution only has access to its own data and revenue figures.

Each institution can use this common database and the SecuTix platform for market segmentation and targeted customer communications.

The shared ticketing tool opens up several avenues for future development such as making the ticketing service available to local cultural associations, designing tourist packages, creating a student “cultural pass”, developing cultural merchandise and integrating social networks.