International concert hall builds on modern ticketing platform

Tonhalle Düsseldorf enters partnership for ticketing technology with SecuTix

The Tonhalle Düsseldorf will start working with the cloud-based ticketing solution SecuTix for the 2021/2022 season. With this step, one of Germany’s most renowned concert halls is modernising its ticket sales and consequently advancing the digitalisation of its customer experience.

Traditional concert hall and digital player

The Tonhalle Düsseldorf is the musical home of the Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra and is also called the “planetarium of music” because of its original use. More than 450 concerts with an audience of over 250,000 per year make the concert hall a great forum for culture and a place of encounter. The Tonhalle also had to deal with restrictions due to the Corona-related lockdown. The fact that the famous concert hall survived the pandemic well was mainly due to the loyalty of its guests and their willingness to donate. The team around the two managing directors Michael Becker and Torger Nelson reacted to the challenges of the special situation in an innovative and agile way.

As early as April 2020, they set up numerous digital formats and brought the concert experience directly to the audience’s home screens in a comprehensive “musical antivirus programme”. In addition to almost two dozen concerts broadcast live from the Tonhalle, the Tonhalle constantly developed new digital special formats: for example, during the summer holidays, it relieved children’s boredom with the “Digital Family Summer” and gave away small Advent concerts via Zoom.

Modern ticketing experience for concert hall

It is therefore only logical that Tonhalle Düsseldorf is also advancing digitalisation in terms of ticketing and has selected a new, innovative provider for its ticketing solution this year. After opting for the SaaS-based ticketing and CRM platform SecuTix 360°, the concert venue is fully transforming many of its functions. Under the leadership of project manager Lennart Bosche, the ticketing and CRM system was introduced together with the Tonhalle team. Digital transformation often starts in simple places and facilitates work processes.

Streamlining processes, increasing efficiency, innovative interaction with customers

SecuTix Solutions was ultimately chosen because the system is a white-label platform, in other words, a neutral platform that allows organisers and venues to present themselves in their own corporate identity. Another advantage of SecuTix is the open platform, through which third-party systems can be integrated and connected. Processes are thus streamlined. The Tonhalle would like to use this open platform concept, for example, for a better connection of scheduling systems or for digital access control. Furthermore, internal processes can be optimised with these connection options and customer service can be enhanced even further. In this way, customer relations can also be further digitalised.

With SecuTix Solutions, it is now possible to transfer numerous processes to the online world: all functions run via the ticket shop. From the 2021/2022 season, the Tonhalle will be able to access extensive new functionalities. For example, customers will be able to use their customer credit from cancelled tickets from the previous season online, manage tickets themselves, reprint them in a forgery-proof manner and personalise them if necessary. An expansion of the online offer for the numerous subscribers of the Tonhalle is also planned and will be gradually implemented over the coming months. With this digital offer of the SecuTix 360° ticketing platform, the Tonhalle is responding even more intensively to the wishes and needs of its audience.

At the same time, the possibilities offered by SecuTix Solutions will simplify and optimise the upcoming relaunch of the Tonhalle’s in-house website. In addition to many benefits that are expressed in the interaction with guests, SecuTix Solutions also supports internal processes, which, among other things, improves the service for guest organisers. This is reflected, among other things, in comprehensive reporting functions.

“With SecuTix Solutions, we now have an innovative partner at our side. This gives us the certainty that we are working with a platform that always takes the latest technological developments into account. In addition, with our new provider, we are much closer to our guests, which is a top priority for us as a concert venue.

We look forward to seeing the capabilities of this platform in full use at sold-out live concerts soon.”

“Tonhalle Düsseldorf feels a close bond with its audience and lays great emphasis on customer loyalty and communication. Since the first contact, we have encountered a team that is passionate about digital topics and very open to new things. This spirit of the Tonhalle team inspired us from the very beginning.

That’s why, especially as project manager for the Tonhalle, I’m very pleased that we prevailed against renowned competitors in a challenging award procedure and are now working together.”

“The change of the ticketing system is a drastic process for every sales department. But right from the start, my colleagues and I were thrilled by the intuitive user interface, which simplifies numerous workflows in day-to-day business immensely.

The network-like architecture of SecuTix creates an unbelievably flexible and agile system in which each module can be linked as desired. Especially when it comes to addressing target groups in combination with individual sales campaigns, we can use the full range of functionalities.

“Whereas ticket sales used to take place mainly via the box office and advance booking offices, the point of sale is now clearly shifting to the internet and the mobile world. Systems like SecuTix 360° take this trend into account and at the same time enable the organiser to connect digitally with his visitors – with all the advantages for sales, marketing and customer loyalty.

We are delighted that the Tonhalle, a concert hall with an international reputation, has chosen SecuTix Solutions.”