Tickets for key workers

Many in the ticketing industry are keen to say ‘Thank You’ to key workers in healthcare, education, social work and food distribution who are on the front line fighting the pandemic and keeping essential services going. A number of SecuTix clients have already pledged thousands of free or discounted tickets to this group and their families for when life starts to return to normal again. The challenge often in these cases is creating a distribution mechanism with few barriers, to ensure the tickets can be simply claimed without making the process too complicated or over-burdening industry bodies.

The SecuTix platform has adapted a tool designed for single contacts within sponsor organisations to distribute tickets to their staff or prize winners, so it can be used for distribution to key workers. Event organisers and venues can also automatically apply access to free tickets to database registrants with a healthcare provider email address. In addition, Single Use Codes can be distributed directly to individuals in specific professions if an extra layer of security is required. The platform enables event organisers to personalise ‘thank you’ communications to the key workers and stay in touch with then in the future.

Adapting the SecuTix B2B portal to support customers in thanking key workers is an example of ticketing partners working together to find a way through this difficult time and the unique challenges facing the industry.

Donate button

To help with the financial loss, SecuTix is now offering a donate button function, giving ticket holders the option to donate the admission price to the sports club, event or cultural institution that they want to support through this difficult time.

“Our priority is the health and wellbeing of our clients and staff. It’s also our role to look at ways to help clients through these unchartered waters. We’re very much in this together and the donate button and key worker ticket distribution are ways we can meet client needs during this unprecedented time.”