SecuTix 360° for Sports, Clubs and Arenas

Fill Up Your Stadium and Enhance Fan Experience

Maximise ticket sales, accelerate season ticket renewals, and build fan loyalty through personalised offers.

Manage ticket sales across all channels

Take ownership over ticket sales and optimise sales across your web site, box office, call centre, B2B partners, distributors and sponsors.

“SecuTix is much more than a ticketing solution. They get how important fan data is to a sports business and their platform is a modern technology building block to supercharge this vision and take us to the next level of fan experience management.”

Andy Duckworth, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer, SARACENS

Sell multiple products

Expand ticket sales into a rich product offering – tickets, season tickets, loyalty cards, guided tours, group visits, private events, merchandise, vouchers and more. Define, manage and sell products on the web, via mobile, in the box office, or through call centre and partners – using a single, integrated platform.

Expand B2B and hospitality services revenues

Turn B2B customers, sponsors and affiliate clubs into an integral part of your sales. Offer hospitality services and VIP lounge seating together with tickets and let your B2B customers independently handle ticket distribution to their own guests using dedicated online tools.

The SecuTix system was first used for the 2015 Champions League and Europa League Finals and, following that success, for the UEFA EURO 2016. Because it’s one system, UEFA could easily move around inventory between hospitality and ticketing.  Returns of hospitality tickets has always proved problematic, but now it was an easy process to take back inventory and trigger further general sale ticket availability.

Reduce the hassle of season ticket sales

Allow fans to independently renew season tickets online, change and add seats – and free your staff from stressful administrative tasks and endless phone calls. Easily manage the addition of games to a season ticket and push special offers or invitations for cup matches.

Get to know your fans intimately

Build a 360-degree view of your audience with SecuTix collecting and centralising data at each customer interaction:

  • Segment audience groups based on demographics and activity
  • Create compelling offers that leverage promotional codes
  • Run automated campaigns with promotional offers, birthday cards, “print your ticket” reminders and more
  • Measure campaign ROI and constantly improve your marketing efforts

“Considering the diversity of what we offer, the challenge is to segment our client base very carefully so that the right message can be targeted at the right person. SecuTix allows us to define the segments using many different criteria (age, date of last purchase, member or not, etc.) and then target each sub-segment with offers and benefits that we think will interest them. This fine-tuning in terms of targeting means we can improve in both relevance and speed.”

Olivier Ouf, Head of Ticketing, LE HAVRE ATHLETIC CLUB

Offer online 3D seat selection

Offer convenient seat selection online and on mobile with an interactive 3D seat map that lets fans visualise the view they’ll experience at the event.

Enable ticket resale

Minimise fraud and black market tickets using a controlled ticket exchange marketplace that enables fans to safely resell and buy tickets within pre-defined price boundaries.

Reduce operational costs

Create an efficient sales and marketing machine without extending your resources. SecuTix eliminates many of the back-office tasks and allows your team to focus on advanced tasks like sophisticated packages and one-to-one marketing campaigns.

Manage multivenue tickets

Easily manage ticket sales to events, matches and tournaments taking place simultaneously in multiple venues – with the SecuTix platform conveniently displaying all venues.

Integrate ticketing with information systems

Easily integrate the ticketing platform into your existing ecosystem (accounting, web site, mobile app) and enhance it with features from third parties, such as yield management, cancellation insurance, loyalty programs, etc.

Success stories


Saracens Rugby Club selects SecuTix to maximise match day attendance and improve fan loyalty.

©Le Havre Athlectic Club

Le Havre Athlectic Club engages its audience on a one-to-one basis and develops member loyalty.

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