SecuTix 360° for marketplace

Draw more visitors to your marketplace and reduce management costs

Increase Marketplace revenue through unified ticketing for multiple venues, promoters or organisations. Simplify the management of your Marketplace platform by giving controlled autonomy to your partners.

Offer all events, exhibitions, sports, merchandising, etc. on a single sales portal


Bring together multiple venues or activities – museums, concerts, festivals, sporting events – provided by multiple partners in an online sales portal that offers a single purchase transaction and offer convenient paperless tickets (e-ticket, m-ticket) that can be printed at home or downloaded to smartphones.

“We created a cultural network that includes the Opera, two theatres, a concert hall, all our museums and a central point of sales”.

Head of “Galerie de Culture” – City of Reims

Increase your sales through partnerships with agencies

You can allow sales agencies to sell all or a part of the products on sale on your sales portal. You can define in detail which sales agency can sell what and when. You may follow-up precisely the sales performed by each sales agency and let our reporting tool calculate the amount of sales commissions.

Selling third-party products

Thanks to SecuTix open architecture, your sales portal can sell events taking place in third-party owned venues and managed by other ticketing systems, accessing in real time to other system’s inventory. You can even use a shared hold (if the other ticketing system allows to do so).

The third-party owned venue may sell the same events directly or through other distributors (i.e. multiple distributors sell the same event).

Revenue sharing

SecuTix provides reports computing the amount due to the different stakeholders involved in the show, the temporary exhibition or any other cultural or sports event.

These stakeholders may represent the event producer or promoter, the venue owner or the distributor. This computation is based on the price breakdown defined in the catalog.

Working with your partners in a flexible way

You can define freely how you want to work with your partners. Do you work with small partners and provide them a full service including catalog set-up and sales follow-up? Do you want to let your partners follow-up the sales of their events or even let them set-up their own products? SecuTix provides you all these collaboration schemes. You can even mix these schemes if you work simultaneously with different kinds of partners (small vs large, occasional vs regular, etc.)

Success stories

City of Reims launched a city-wide cultural portal aggregating offers from 10 venues.

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