SecuTix 360° for Live Entertainment

Maximise event attendance

How often do you achieve full house events? Maximise event attendance by optimising ticket sales across all channels up to the last minute and building ongoing audience engagements.

Increase sales

Increase ticket sales by offering season tickets, membership cards, promotional codes, combined offers, and last-minute deals. Sell products across any channel and through partners like agencies and tourist offices.

“SecuTix offers us a centralised console to manage ticket sales across any channel without any integration hassle. We have a consolidated view of our sales across our web shop, our box office, our two points of sales outside the theater and also our mobile application.”

Christoph Adam, Head of ticketing, THEATER BASEL

Offer online season ticket purchase

Eliminate tedious paper and phone processes by offering online season ticket subscription and memberships. Define any constraints or rules and let users configure their season all by themselves. Users may choose their seats on a seat map and can even reserve one-time seats for a friend that joins them for a single show.

Enable image based and 3D seat selection

Give your audience a first taste of the event to come. Allow them to select their seats directly in an interactive seatmap, which offers a realistic rendering of your venue. Use photos or 3D-based pictures, and create a unique and immersive purchasing experience, on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Optimise partner ticket sales

Grant your sponsors and B2B partners with tickets at negotiated prices and provide them with their own dedicated area on your ticket shop to independently manage ticket distribution with no limit on the number of distribution intermediates (B2B2C).

Adjust seat quotas up to the last minute

Adjust seat quotas and change seat plans up to the last minute, to accommodate demand from VIPs, officials and sponsors. On opening nights, accelerate box office ticket sales and reduce waiting lines with real-time seat availability views.

Communicate with your audience

Launch highly-targeted email campaigns to specific audience groups based on their preferences and demographics. Reward loyal customers and your brand ambassadors on social media, send birthday greetings, recommend events, send notifications on waiting list availability – and constantly measure campaign results.

“It is now very easy for us to communicate and engage with our public either at scale, for example through our newsletter, or in a highly targeted manner: we are able to send a campaign featuring a promotional code targeting opera fans or students. Because the marketing tool is natively integrated with the ticketing engine, we can exploit ticketing data and measure the ROI of our campaigns.”

Christoph Adam, Head of Ticketing, THEATER BASEL

Enable ticket resell

Allow customers to resell tickets in case they cannot attend a show – also when holding a season ticket

“We want to make the purchase as easy as possible and alleviate the anxiety associated with buying a ticket well in advance, which is often the case with a season ticket. With the SecuTix resale platform, we give our customers the right to change their mind and resell their tickets on an official platform where we set the rules.”

Matthieu Rietzler, Company Secretary, MAISON DE LA DANSE

Success stories

©Theater Basel

Basel Theatre increased online ticketing from 10% to 30 % of overall ticketing sales in less than three years.

©Gilles Alonso

Maison de la Danse facilitates the relationship with spectators at all stages of the customer journey.

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