With around 170,000 yearly visitors, Theater Basel is one of the most prestigious theaters in Switzerland featuring three stages hosting plays, operas and ballets. Nearly three seasons after adopting SecuTix 360°, Theater Basel sold 350,000 tickets via SecuTix and increased online ticketing from 10% to 30 % of overall ticketing sales, all while simplifying back-office processes and improving operational agility.

Centralised management of multiple sales channels

Theater Basel was looking for an “all-in-one” solution that would allow it to control and manage all aspects of ticketing – from ticket sales across several channels through Customer Relationship Management and access control – all within an integrated and centralised environment. The theater chose SecuTix 360° to replace their incumbent solution and after a four-month successful on boarding process, the solution was ready to support the opening of the season.

Letting customers choose how they want to purchase their tickets was an important element of the theater’s engagement strategy. However, due to time constraints, the ticketing team was reluctant to manage the integration of disparate systems in order to have a consolidated view of sales across all channels.

”SecuTix offers us a centralised console to manage ticket sales across any channel without any integration hassle. We have a consolidated view of our sales across our web shop, our box office, our two points of sales outside the theater and also our mobile application. Not only does this cross-channel visibility simplifies our processes, but it also allows us to trace the entire purchasing history of our customers across any channel and any device. All this information is available at a glance in a single place.”

Christoph Adam, Head of Ticketing, Theater Basel.

SecuTix has also enabled Theater Basel to mitigate ticket fraud. Using the SecuTix QR code feature, tickets can be scanned at the entrance for better access control.

Targeted engagement with multiple audience groups

The next step for the theater was to leverage a 360-degree view of its customers for marketing purposes. Taking advantage of the SecuTix integrated customer relationship management functionality, the theater is able to segment its audience, create target groups and send digital communications on a weekly basis.

“It is now very easy for us to communicate and engage with our public either at scale, for example through our newsletter, or in a highly targeted manner: we are able to send a campaign featuring a promotional code targeting opera fans or students. Because the marketing tool is natively integrated with the ticketing engine, we can exploit ticketing data and measure the ROI of our campaigns.”

The quality of the customer contact database has been improved significantly with the integrated ticketing and CRM functionality. Manual entry of email addresses and duplicate contacts are issues from the past. Theater Basel has clean and accurate data about its customers.

Simplifying complexity

Beyond the 170,000 year tickets sold, Theater Basel also sells other products such as merchandising, gift cards, guided tours, and season tickets. With no less than 20 different variations of season tickets, managing such a diversified catalogue is a complex operation involving manual-intensive back-office tasks.

“It is very easy to configure and manage several types of products within SecuTix. In fact, the system gave us the freedom to think of new offers and to diversify our catalogue without bringing additional complexity

Pascal Thomann, Head of ICT, Theater Basel

Configuring a new season is now a rather straightforward process which is completed much faster, no matter the number of offers and diversity of programming. Any product can be sold on the web shop, even the most complex ones including season tickets. Typically, season ticket holders can configure their programme directly from their personal area on the web shop. This relieves the ticketing operators from manual time-consuming tasks such as seat allocation or performance selection. In less than three years, overall online sales increased from 10% to 30% of total sales.

Another significant benefit was the agility and flexibility introduced with the deployment of SecuTix. The ticketing team can quickly respond to last minute changes and new opportunities – for example, customise ticket templates themselves rather than rely on their printing supplier. “Now, if we want to add the logo of a new sponsor on the ticket for a specific performance at the last minute, we can change the ticketing template ourselves within minutes.”

Christoph Adam concluded: “Overall, SecuTix has made the life of our ticketing operators so much easier. It manages the complexity for us, thus making us much more agile as an organisation”.