The Ticketing Summit

As you all know, the Ticketing Industry has been deeply affected this year by the COVID-19 Pandemic. With practically all events cancelled or postponed, our industry has been forced to adapt to the current times.

The Ticketing Summit, a free Event created to support the Ticketing Industry

This virtual event has been created to provide content, education and strategies to ticketing professionals around the World, in order to cope and deal with these changing and challenging times. And as the main aim is to help the Live Entertainment and Ticketing industry, it is for free.

In this free Event you will find a hand-picked team of World-Leading ticketing professionals as they share their top strategies to thrive during these challenging times.

Stay at the forefront of the industry while staying safe

Three days, full of top professionals talking about Live Entertainment topics that will enlighten and encourage you, educate and entertain. All of them are volunteering their time and expertise to help the industry better face these times of great uncertainty.

Seven Sessions per day, a total of 21 relevant keynotes leaded by the experts and furthermore, every afternoon at 4pm EST Eric Rozenberg (SecuTix) and Maureen Andersen (INTIX) and any available speakers of the day will meet live for Q&A.

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