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The Swiss Museum of Transport expands online ticket sales with rich offering

The Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne – Verkehrshaus der Schweiz – welcomes 750,000 visitors a year, providing a comprehensive and diverse offering. In addition to the transport museum itself, the Swiss museum also houses a ‘Media World’, a film theatre, a planetarium, a shop offering a ‘Swiss Chocolate Adventure’ and a conference centre.

Based on its digital strategy, the museum’s primary objective was to increase ticket sales online and via mobile devices, while presenting its rich product offering on the ticket shop. In addition, the museum wanted to develop new offers to attract even more visitors. After comparing various ticketing providers, the venue opted for SecuTix 360° based on several key features:

  • Variety: The system offers a wide range of possibilities which can be optimally adapted to the various products on offer at the venue.
  • White label solution: The SecuTix brand does not appear in the ticket shop itself, which instead has full corporate branding.
  • Flexible supply: New products and offers are easy to set up, such as short-term promotions based on the booking context.
  • Fast implementation: SecuTix 360° is a software-as-a-service solution available over the web. Therefore, no comprehensive IT installations are necessary and software modules are easy to configure around requirements.
  • Partners extensions: SecuTix has a great track record and tried and tested partnerships like RailAway, which opened up potential collaborations for the Verkehrshaus.

Within just a few months the new online ticket shop was available to visitors in four languages – including a cutting-edge mobile app. According to Dominic Wirth, Sales coordinator:

“SecuTix experts provided specialist advice and support to help us define the specific requirements for our new online ticket shop”.

Visitors can now book seat positions for the events they wish to attend.

3,000 online tickets sold for ‘Family Day’

The new ticket shop goes beyond functioning as an online sales channel. Verkehrshaus can quickly launch new offers and sales campaigns in the shop and offer not only discounts or promotions but also entirely new offers. One such offer was ‘Family Day,’ for which almost 3,000 family tickets were sold online, prompting a sales boost for the entire venue. The increase in online sales was particularly dominant with the film theatre, since visitors were already accustomed to purchase cinema tickets online. Dominic Wirth commented:

“As part of our digital strategy we also wanted to give visitors the opportunity to buy their tickets online around the clock. Since introducing SecuTix, our online sales rates haven’t stopped climbing.”

Combined offers

The venue is also reaping the benefit of new partnerships and offers made possible by the SecuTix platform. Together with RailAway – also a SecuTix customer – the museum now markets joint offers. RailAway is a company of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and a leisure activity provider. Several thousand RailAway customers visit the Verkehrshaus in Lucerne every year.

Based on the initial successes, Verkehrshaus is looking to expand its cooperation with SecuTix partners, as well as to expand the online ticket shop activity to include vouchers and merchandise.

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