Press Release – Issued by Rewards4 on July 6


New Rewards4Rugby programme launched to ignite fans’ sporting passions

Rewards4, the fast-growing technology company behind the innovative award-winning rewards platform for sports fans, has announced SecuTix as its first ticketing partner to launch into rugby. The partnership has been instrumental in securing Saracens as the first rugby club to go live with the innovative Rewards4Rugby fan engagement programme.

Rewards4Rugby is an online rewards platform that rugby fans can join for free via their club and collect Rewards4Rugby points from their everyday spending with more than 4,000 online retailers and in-store with over 30 high street brands.

The full integration between the SecuTix online ticketing platform and the Rewards4 solution will ensure points are automatically added to the account of each fan, once signed up as a member. Fans can then seamlessly redeem their Rewards4Rugby points against the purchase of match day tickets, memberships and club merchandise – both online and in the Saracens Super Store.

The full integration gives clubs the option to provide a flexible range of ‘rewards’ for their fans. For example, Saracens has decided to drive greater fan engagement with its season ticket holders by rewarding them with Rewards4Rugby points on purchases of ‘early bird’ season tickets, tickets for matches staged at Allianz Park and Wembley as well on purchases of Saracens’ club shirts and other merchandise.

Ian Lancaster, Director and co-founder of Rewards4, says:

“It’s important that we make it as easy as possible for clubs to add our Rewards4 programmes into their fan engagement strategies. This means that our rewards points are automatically added to fans’ accounts, to spend as they wish at the club. To do this, a level of technical integration with the systems that clubs use for ticketing and merchandising is required. Having this sorted in advance makes it an easy decision for clubs. SecuTix has recognised the value that our fan engagement programmes can add to its proposition and we have made sure that the two technology platforms integrate easily. Securing Saracens as our first rugby club proves the proposition works.”

Commenting on SecuTix, Andy Duckworth, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer, Saracens:

“SecuTix is much more than a ticketing solution. As an organisation, it understands how important fan data is to a sports business and its platform is a modern technology building block to supercharge this vision and take us to the next level of fan experience management.”

SecuTix is a European provider of a Ticketing Engagement Platform that helps organisations boost ticket sales and enhance audiences’ experience before, during and after events. Its platform is used by sport clubs and stadiums, live entertainment businesses, and museums and cities across Europe. The company manages annual sales of approximately 30 million tickets for organisation such as Opéra National de Paris, the UEFA, Centre Pompidou, Aspro Parks, Saracens and the Paléo Festival.

Rewards4 already has proven award-winning programmes operating in a number of sports, with almost 2 million engaged and passionate sports fans signed up as members.  The Rewards4Racing programme was recently shortlisted as a finalist in the Best Fan Engagement programme category for the Sports Business Awards 2017, with the winner due to be announced in June.