We are proud to announce that SecuTix is part of the #WeWillRecover Community to support organisations to adapt and recover in these unprecedented times. #WeWillRecover is providing valuable content to help live entertainment organisations affected in the COVID-19 crisis by creating, collecting and sharing knowledge and inspiration.

This initiative aims to help live entertainment and sports to:


Organisations will have to find their way back by changing their approach and adapting to new methods in a fast and effective way. In these times of uncertainty, having a sense of direction based on the insights from our experts will help give organisations a chance to thrive once again.


The most important aspect for these organisations is to recapture and invite as many of their audience members back, in the safest and most considerate way possible. This means reviewing communication efforts, looking at case studies and understanding how to connect with your existing audience in these times.


#WeWillRecover aims to create a community whose purpose is to guide and support organisations on their way back to recovery, helping them reconnect with their audiences. The recovery process will allow organisations to flourish once more and provide entertainment for all.

SecuTix UK and Ireland´s Managing Director David Hornby will host a Masterclass  about Sport and the Ticketing Impact COVID-19.

All attendees have the option to benefit from:

  • Activity Stream: Organizations will be signed up for free with the platform with no licensed fee throughout all of 2020. Based on your data, the Activity Stream toolbox will give you insights to your sales, marketing and audience, and help you spend time and money in the most effective way during the recovery.
  • Audience Spectrum (UK only): Organizations will have licensed-free access to the enrichment all through 2020, as part of dashboards and tools in Activity Stream.
  • Stay 22: Stay 22 will give free set-up and there will be 100% commission throughout 2020. The tool makes it easy for audiences to find accommodation, parking and restaurants, and creates a new revenue stream for the organizations.
  • Ticketing Professionals Conference: All invitees will be able to purchase the 2021 tickets for 20% off. This will allow you to join the conference to further your learning and expand your network with other industry professionals.

Learn more about the community: https://www.wewillrecover.live/

Have a look at the upcoming events: https://www.wewillrecover.live/events