SecuTix is supporting Toulouse’s Smart City project

The “Pink City” Toulouse choose SecuTix to harmonise the ticketing management of its cultural offerings.

has been chosen by Toulouse Metropolis and the City of Toulouse to harmonise the ticketing management of over 30 cultural sites, including the prestigious Théâtre du Capitole, the Orchestre du Capitole, the Natural History Museum, and the Augustins Museum. This project has been part of the city’s plan since 2015 to create an “Open Metropolis”, offering fluid and harmonised services. The adoption of SecuTix aims to blend the ticketing management within the cultural institutions of the city and its Metropolis and aims to eventually set up a central portal giving access to the entire cultural offering of all sites.

Multiple sites and organisations

SecuTix established itself in September 2019, when the City of Toulouse and Toulouse Metropolis were looking for a ticketing tool capable of managing the blending of the city’s cultural establishments and the 37 municipalities of the community of municipalities. The challenge was considerable: to develop a solution that could manage the ticketing of live performance halls (opera and theatre), museums, and municipal halls hosting between 500 and 800 events. In addition to the external challenge of managing a central ticket office covering more than 1 million visitors per year, there was also the challenge of internal administration, with more than 500 operators and administrative staff having to be connected to the tool.

We are honoured to be associated with the city’s comprehensive project, which wishes to optimise its cultural offerings for its citizens and to create a unified interface for simplified access to all its socio-cultural events. This collaboration is also a great opportunity for us to show the extended functional scope of our solution and that it can lead to the streamlining of internal and administrative processes.”

A tool at the height of a dynamic and diversified cultural offering

It is the flexibility of SecuTix and its complete, integrated nature that drew Toulouse in. The choice was also made based on the functional scope of the solution, capable of covering services as diverse as live performances and museums, as well as cultural and educational events at the level of the Metropolis. Ultimately, SecuTix will also become an essential tool for a consolidated analysis of the number of visitors to sites in Toulouse as well as of the needs of the citizens of Toulouse and its surroundings. After deployment on the pilot sites of the Quai des Savoirs and the Museum, the project continued despite the health situation for municipal halls, the Capitol, the National Orchestra, and finally, for various museums. It should be fully operational before schools return for the 2021 academic year.