SecuTix proudly supports the FEDORA Matching Funds Initiative

We are proud to be a donor of FEDORA’s Matching Funds Initiative for the FEDORA Prizes 2021.

FEDORA is the European Platform supporting digital innovation in opera and ballet.

For the FEDORA Prizes 2021 the choice was difficult. SecuTix choose to support the following four incredible projects:

“Rebuild the performing arts world after one year of lockdown! Every donation counts and will support new artistic work to reach the stages across Europe as venues will start to open up again soon!

Many thanks for your generosity that encourages artists to inspire our future!”

“With venues closed due to the pandemic, we firmly believe it is of the utmost importance to encourage artists to continue creating new work that will reach the stage in the future. With venues starting to prepare to open their doors again, that future luckily seems not too far away.

We at SecuTix pledged Matching Funds to the selected four projects above to double donations.”

Millions will soon once again be able to enjoy the experiences they have missed in some cases for more than a year. Of course, visiting cultural venues won’t be quite the same as before the doors were closed in response to the initial outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020.

For example, all visitors must book a ticket in advance online, while government guidance around indoor visits applies. The switch to advanced purchase tickets means the audience is assured of entry, while also ensuring that capacity can be restricted and therefore venues are compliant with social distancing rules.

No one knows what’s coming next, so organizations have been looking at their technology and looking for ways to ensure they are flexible and can respond to different circumstances. We all hope that things are going back to normal, but organizations have seen an opportunity to make enhancements, especially digitally, and set themselves up for future successes.

Driving innovation and digitalization had never been more important than in these changing times.

Preparing for the return of the audience does not only mean reopening doors but also a chance for the future and how to engage with the audience better based on captured information to get to know them better and therefore improve and personalize the offering.

Utilizing data is already widespread in some sectors, but for many, this is still something alien.

What’s really important is for the cultural venues to look at what they want to achieve. SecuTix then helps to find the best solution based on that.