SecuTix 360°

Ticketing Engagement Platform

SecuTix 360° provides the most advanced ticketing and CRM functionality with a cloud-based, open platform that addresses your current and future needs.

Software-as-a-service (Saas) platform

SecuTix 360° offers rich ticketing and CRM functionality as an online service (SaaS), without the need to invest in servers, software installations, or IT resources for maintenance. Any number of your ticketing operators can access the system using a browser, and the online system is automatically upgraded with new software versions.

Integration into existing infrastructure

For ticketing software to be effective it must integrate with existing back-office systems – accounting applications, CRM systems, corporate web site and others. SecuTix 360° is designed to easily connect with your existing IT environment, applications and business processes.

Connectivity to 3rd party applications

SecuTix 360° is built on an open platform so it can easily connect with 3rd party software and provide best-in-class functionality. You choose the external applications you want to work with – 3D maps, remarketing, analysis software, yield management, donations apps, … – and we provide the built-in flexibility to make things work, using native connectors and industry-standards protocols like RESTful APIs, JSON, SOAP/XML and more.

“Other vendors wouldn’t integrate with the solutions we wanted, telling us we had to work with their systems only. SecuTix proved to be a flexible solution. We wanted to use Pacifa 3D maps and SecuTix simply plugged it into their ticketing platform. In the future, when Saracens will play matches at Wembley or Twickenham, SecuTix will integrate with the respective stadium mapping systems.”

Andy Duckworth, Chief Commercial and Marketing Director, Saracens

Scalability and peak load

SecuTix 360° scalable infrastructure manages large-scale ticketing operations with peak ticketing demands. Over 30 million tickets are issued each year with peak loads of well over 1000 tickets per minute. The Paléo Festival has sold 230,000 tickets in 52 minutes using SecuTix.

White label for complete branding

With SecuTix 360° your online ticket shop and mobile application are fully customised with your own brand, logo and graphical identity. Your audience will associate the advanced ticketing functionality with your brand, which will enhance your image and set you apart from distributors and other 3rd parties.

Ongoing technology updates

Unlike ticketing software solutions that become obsolete quickly and do not advance with the latest innovations, the SecuTix 360° SaaS platform has four software releases a year, offering enhancements, fixes and improvements. Our dedicated R&D team ensures that you are always kept current with a modern ticketing platform that incorporates the most advanced technology available.

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