Join our upcoming webinar with the Ticketing Industry`s Museum expert Marc Merpillat

During this webinar, Marc Merpillat will explain how the  SaaS Ticketing Solution SecuTix 360°will attract more visitors and build loyalty by diversifying ticket sales and establishing one-to-one communications with segmented audience groups.


21/10/2020 14:00 or 29/10/2020 11:00


After a short introduction by Hans Nissens, Marc Merpillat will explain and demonstrate not only how the SecuTix SaaS Ticketing Solution will transform your ticketing and engagement, he will also cover how you can Return to Live and Reboot your Operations thanks to the flexibility of the platform and COVID-19 specific solutions.


This webinar is dedicated to the Museum sector. If you are interested in a demo of Sports Clubs and Stadiums, Live Entertainment, or Marketplaces, feel free to book your personal demo with one of our industry experts.


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