Digital transformation in ticketing
at the Centre Pompidou Museum in Paris

With 3.33 million annual visitors, Centre Pompidou in Paris is the sixth largest museum in Europe. This reports examines the recent project to overhaul its ticketing and CRM systems.

Learn more about the ticketing project at Centre Pompidou :

  • Online multichannel tickets sales

  • Audience targeting and segmentation

  • Consolidation of all customer data

  • 360-view of customer purchase behaviour

  • Standardisation of ticketing and CRM processes

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Catherine Guillou, Director of the Audience Department at Centre Pompidou:

“Making culture accessible to everyone is one of the fundamental missions of a cultural institution such as the Centre Pompidou. It was therefore essential to have a tool that allows us to diversify our audience segments and create a privileged relationship with our visitors as far upstream as possible.”