Centre Pompidou overhauls its ticket sales and customer relations

With 3.4 million yearly visitors, ticket sales at Centre Pompidou is a serious business. Discover how the 6th largest museum in Europe optimised ticket sales and increased audience engagement.

Read this case study to learn how Centre Pompidou succeeded to:

  • Facilitate the sale of all products online

  • Achieve a 360-view of customer purchase behaviour

  • Personalise the marketing for 500,000 contacts and 40,000 members

  • Measure the impact of marketing campaigns on ticket revenues

  • Switch its entire functional area to a cloud ticketing platform in a record time

Cécile Venot, head of the audience development team at Centre Pompidou

“We now have a 360° view of our customers’ purchasing experience for all our products and services allowing us to adjust our strategy continuously and ensure better operational management. This visibility allows us to better segment our audiences and create offers in line with their expectations”.