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Maximise Ticket Sales

Move ticket sales to the Internet, manage multi-channel ticket distribution from a single system, and build a rich product offering that exactly matches the needs of each audience group.

Online ticket shop

Increase online sales revenues with an online ticket shop that offers a rich product catalogue like season tickets, subscriptions and offers combining tickets and services. Allow users to independently make choices, mix and match and complete transactions, while significantly reducing the workload of your front- and back-office teams.

“We use SecuTix for our online sales on our own website. We currently sell over 75 per cent of our tickets through our own website and that figure is growing each year. People come directly to our website and we’re in total control of our sales.”

David Franklin, Head of ticketing and corporate promotional programs, Paléo Festival Nyon

Omnichannel ticket distribution

Manage and optimise ticket sales across multiple distribution channels from a single system: your online ticket shop, call centre, mobile app, vending machines, distributors, points of sale, and a ticket exchange marketplace. View the distribution of tickets between channels and synchronise efforts to accelerate last-minute ticket sales.

“We have a consolidated view of our sales across our web shop, our box office, our two points of sales outside the theatre and also our mobile application. Not only does this cross-channel visibility simplify our processes, but it also allows us to trace the entire purchasing history of our customers across any channel and any device.”

Christoph Adam, Head of Ticketing, Theater Basel

Enriched online product catalogue

Expose a full range of products on your online ticket shop – season tickets and memberships, merchandise, hospitality suites, parking and other services. Design creative packages with different contents rates and rules to exactly match audience profile and needs– branded merchandise based on ticket purchase, family ticket packs, offers combining ticket + parking, guided visit passes and more.

“With all the data and CRM for both ticketing and hospitality in one place, we now have a holistic view of fans and those insights play a fundamental role in our fan engagement strategy for future tournaments.”

Philippe Margraff, Head of Revenue Operations, UEFA

B2B packages and processes

Develop new revenue streams by attracting B2B customers such as sponsoring partners, schools and businesses. Offer attractive packages like corporate hospitality suites, rental of seminar rooms and backstage visits, and tailor rates, volumes, payment methods, ticket distribution and more.

Offer business partners a dedicated ticket shop, where they can independently distribute tickets to their own customers (B2B2C) or to additional companies down the distribution chain.

Online seat selection

Integrate photos and 3D-models into your online shop and let audience visualise the venue and compare seats or blocks before selecting their seat. Split venue map into multiple blocks to offer an even more granular and realistic view of each seat selection.

TIXnGO’s secured mobile ticket wallet

TIXnGO’s secure mobile ticket wallet is a game-changer for event organization and ticketing solutions. The platform leverages the latest in mobile, blockchain and AI machine learning disruptive technologies. The system eliminates fraud, boosts agile operations and security, and uplifts data and fan experience. Millions of tickets have been securely distributed worldwide and exchanged through TIXnGO’s marketplace solution, including tickets for some of the world’s biggest sporting events. The secure wallet system can integrate with existing apps through the TIXnGO API or it can be accessed through the TIXnGO native or branded app. TIXnGO has been endorsed by Gartner (The Real Business of Blockchain, Harvard Business Review, 2019). TIXnGO is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is part of the ELCA group and is a sister brand of the SecuTix ticketing company. For more information visit

One to one engagement

Provide a personalised area on your ticket shop to continuously interact with your audience beyond purchase transactions. Launch marketing campaigns and deliver discount offers and rewards – automatically or manually- to each user’s personal area, based on profile and past behaviour. Login is quick using Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account and users can view tickets, track purchase history, access personalised offers, and resell tickets for events they cannot attend.

Online season tickets

Simplify season tickets purchase and fulfilment by moving it online and relieving ticket operators from endless phone calls and paperwork. Allow season ticket holders to independently change their seats, add additional seats and quickly complete transactions online. At the same time, gain better control on season ticket sales by enforcing implicit rules and limits such as specific mix of events, number of season tickets or any specific event dates.

Ticket resale marketplace

Create your own secure marketplace where users can resell tickets for events they cannot attend based on predefined rules. Reduce customers’ fear of commitment during season ticket purchase, and simultaneously fight black market ticket sales and avoid revenue losses.
A ticket holder can define a resell price within the boundaries that you predefine in the system and once published, the ticket becomes available to potential buyers. After a ticket is paid for, the resell platform refunds the vendor and transfers ticket ownership to the buyer.

Real time reporting

Gain a real-time view of sales performance by product across all channels – your online ticket shop, box office, B2B partners, third party resellers, mobile app etc. Gain insight on how your audience navigates within your ticket shop and fine-tune and improve the online purchasing journey.

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