SecuTix 360°

Engage with your audience

360° audience view

Gain deep audience insights and target the right individuals at the right time with the most relevant offers. The SecuTix database consolidates sales data from all channels – your online ticket shop, mobile app, call centre, box office and partner activities. With all customer interactions stored in one place, you gain a unified view of your audience to enable laser-sharp targeting and segmentation.

Static and dynamic segmentation

Strategically filter and segment your audience using static and dynamic flags. Create granular segments based on user attributes and behaviour such as age group, season ticket holders, type of events attended or assiduity. Or use dynamic indicators, generated automatically by the system, to target audience groups based on their frequency of purchases, purchase volume, social engagement and influence.

“One of the big advantages of SecuTix’ audience management module is the principle of dynamic targets. When a contact meets certain criteria, they are automatically added to a target group. This allows us to reuse the same target from one campaign to another, with the guarantee that the target is always up-to-date.”

Olivier Ouf, Head of Ticketing, LE HAVRE ATHLETIC CLUB

Automated transactional mails

Automatically trigger personalised emails based on events and user actions – a welcome mail, a birthday mail offer, ‘print your ticket’ alert, subscription renewal reminder, and more. Automatically launch follow-up campaigns based on a specific user behaviour such as a ticket purchase for a specific event.

Promotional email campaigns

Launch highly-segmented email campaigns for upcoming events and shows. For example, promote next week’s show offering an incentive to 18-25 years-old audience – or create a special offer targeting customers who visited your venue a single time during the entire season.

Send out monthly or quarterly newsletters to keep your audience informed of news and events.

Discounts and coupons

Stimulate sales with focused sales promotions and discounts: generate coupons and promo codes for partners; send last-minute discount notifications to fill up empty seats; create time-based rules offering X% discount on the next event following a ticket purchase, or automatically reward any customer that has turned into a social influencer.

“We are able to configure a very wide choice of coupons in our catalogue and then we promote them through targeted advertising campaigns.”

Olivier Ouf, Head of Ticketing, LE HAVRE ATHLETIC CLUB

Affiliate marketing

Increase traffic and sales on your online shop by tracking and rewarding partners and 3rd parties for their marketing efforts. Easily create affiliate links using a ULR Builder, to be displayed on each partner’s web site to promote your event or your venue. Measure the volume of ticket sales and revenue generated by a link posted on a partner’s site and use this insight to identify and reward your most performing partners.

Social media marketing

Increase your brand visibility by allowing customers to easily share their ticket purchase on Facebook following their transaction. SecuTix tracks Facebook shares and clicks and lets you reward social influencers who generate many shares and following clicks. Use the URL builder to generate links for your social media campaigns and measure the revenue generated by each of your posts.

Campaign measurement

Track, measure and evaluate marketing campaign performance, including mail and web metrics: open rates, click-through rates (CTR), average time for purchase, conversion rates, affiliate links performance, and total campaign ROI (cost vs. revenue). SecuTix’ built-in integration with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager lets you analyse in depth traffic and visitor behaviour on your online shop.

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