La Maison de la Danse operates the SecuTix 360° ticketing engagement solution to improve management of the spectator’s experience and to offer new services.

Paris, Lyon, Lausanne, 24th January 2017 – SecuTix, the global provider of a cloud-based integrated ticketing and marketing platform for the sport, culture and leisure industry, today announced that La Maison de la Danse is using its SecuTix 360° solution to facilitate the relationship with spectators at all stages of the customer journey, and to propose innovative services, including a mobile app and ticket reselling platform.

The challenges for La Maison de la Danse

With more than 150,000 spectators attending nearly 200 performances every year, La Maison de la Danse offers an eclectic programme entirely dedicated to dance in all its forms and to the movement arts. A place of artistic creation, deeply rooted in the national cultural landscape, La Maison de la Danse wanted to facilitate access to its programme by offering a simple, quick purchasing experience that gives maximum flexibility to a wide audience while capitalising on new digital technology. Thanks to SecuTix, La Maison de la Danse has a ticketing and CRM solution that not only manages the spectator’s entire itinerary, from ticket purchase to the day of the show, but also helps to forge a close relationship with its occasional spectators and members.

“We wanted to move from a transactional logic to a relational logic in our approach to ticketing. Ticketing must be aimed at developing and animating our audiences, which goes far beyond the simple sale of tickets,” says Matthieu Rietzler, General Secretary of La Maison de la Danse.  “The SecuTix 360° solution allows us to fulfil this vision and offer maximum flexibility to our spectators through innovative services that simplify the whole purchasing process.

Innovative services

Among the innovative services offered by the SecuTix 360° platform are the mobile app and the ticket exchange.

By connecting to the Maison de la Danse mobile app on their smartphone, spectators can reserve their seats in just a few clicks. Ticket purchasing becomes quicker and easier. Once they have created a profile, web users can access their own personalised area online where they can see their purchase history as well as tailored offers. As the show nears, the spectator can download their ticket onto their smartphone, access the event programme and present their m-ticket at the entrance. According to Matthieu Rietzler, “The mobile app allows us to offer a simple, one-step route that begins with the purchase of the ticket and continues until the ticket check. It also allows us to multiply the entry routes to our box office and to align ourselves with the spending patterns of our audiences.” The SecuTix mobile app is offered as a white label product.

La Maison de la Danse has also set up a ticket exchange that allows ticket holders to resell their ticket if they are unable to attend the performance.

“We want to make the purchase as easy as possible and alleviate the anxiety associated with buying a ticket well in advance, which is often the case with a season ticket” continues Matthieu Rietzler. “With the SecuTix resale platform, we give our customers the right to change their mind and resell their tickets on an official platform where we set the rules.”

Easily accessible from their own personalised area, the ticket holder can offer their ticket for resale, fixing the price within a minimum range but never beyond the face value. “Everybody wins.  Our spectators know that they always have the option of reselling their ticket without any fuss, which gives them great flexibility. And spectators who weren’t able to book initially on our web site or at our box office have an official channel to find a resale ticket. This allows us to control the resale market and limit the risk of fraud.”

Implementing SecuTix

La Maison de la Danse commissioned SecuTix 360° in May 2016 at the start of its 2016-2017 season. After three months in operation, the solution is now used to orchestrate sales in six separate channels: the box office, online sales, the mobile app, ticket exchange, the B2B section (groups, school visits) and a reseller. La Maison de la Danse is also taking advantage of the digital marketing tools integrated in the SecuTix platform to automate the sending of newsletters, make targeted offers and engage in personalised dialogue with its audience. La Maison de la Danse has more than 10,000 season ticket holders.

Christian Binelli, Chief Operating Officer of SecuTix France, concludes : “To distinguish themselves in a market with a wide-ranging cultural offer and constantly changing public expectations, some cultural establishments are looking at new ways to improve services and personalise customer relations, and digital transformation is the key to achieving this. La Maison de la Danse shares this vision, and we are delighted that they have placed their trust in the SecuTix ticketing solution in order to engage their audiences and enrich the customer journey with new offers and services before, during and after the show.”