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In 2016, Lausanne Hockey Club (LHC) adopted the SecuTix ticketing and audience development platform to support its ticketing digitisation project and develop a closer relationship with fans and subscribers. LHC called on SecuTix’ digital marketing expertise to increase the LHC contact base, boost sales and introduce innovative products that would delight fans.

Mining ticketing data

The LHC ticketing/marketing team is as dynamic as it is versatile. Dealing with operation-centric issues daily, team members don’t always have time to analyse and interpret the data produced by the SecuTix 360° ticketing system. Chris Wolf, LHC Sales and Marketing Director comments

“We’re aware that we have a lot of valuable information about our fans, but we haven’t the time or resources to take full advantage of it. What we want is to develop interesting, innovative offers for them.” 

The club turned to the SecuTix Marketing Services team to help maximise the potential of fan data. The goals were defined as identifying areas for optimisation in the sales and marketing strategy, first by analysing the data, then by running high-impact campaigns.

The multi-phase project was directly managed by the SecuTix Marketing Services team.

A two-phase plan : Data analysis and goal definition

Data analysis included several sources. First, data associated with contacts, i.e. the total volume of the contact base, its growth rate, and qualification data for each contact. Second, sales data  related to channels, games, audience types and so on. The SecuTix team also broadened the analysis to include data from other digital platforms, specifically social websites plus the club’s own website and mobile app.

The data produced a number of insights, such as a game relevance index influenced by the day of the week, championship position (opponent ranking/points), sales model popularity by audience type, and the fact that the majority of last-minute tickets are purchased through the ticket office.

Based on these findings the SecuTix Marketing Services team pinpointed three key areas for optimisation.

  1. Grow the contact base by converting fans from the Facebook page to contacts and reducing anonymous sales.
  2. Increase attendance rates regardless of opponent or match day by contacting the right audience segments at the right time.
  3. Boost revenue by developing new ticketing products.

Having validated the areas for optimisation, LHC entrusted the implementation of the action plan to SecuTix Marketing Services.

The plan ran throughout December 2016.

+22% qualified contacts through multi-channel integration

LHC’s contact base increased by 22%. Contacts – either new or previously anonymous – created their profile in the LHC ticket shop, significantly increasing the ability to target future promotional or loyalty campaigns at specific segments. This growth was the combined outcome of three changes:

  1. Setting up links between Facebook and ticketing, specifically via a Facebook login & share, a ‘Buy’ button and the use of tracked links in Facebook posts.
  2. Optimising access to online ticketing from the club’s website and mobile app.
  3. Tweaking the email model with a ‘GET MY SEAT’ call to action button encouraging people to buy there and then online.

Chris Wolf: “We realised our fans’ purchase journey isn’t linear and involves several devices. Although most visits to the ticketing site are from smartphones, people actually use their desktop to make the purchase. We’re dealing with a multi-device customer journey where fans view emails on their smartphone and then finalise the purchase on their computer. The SecuTix platform is multi-channel, so we took advantage of that to strengthen the links between sales channels and provide a better buying experience.”


Integrating various digital platforms – social networks, mobile app, club website and ticket shop – has allowed the club to create a smooth, seamless purchase journey regardless of what device people use.

Similar games but record attendance

Traditionally, LHC communication with fans were generic. Studying historical sales transactions highlighted recurring purchase patterns common to several types of audiences and enabled developing targeted email campaigns based on different audience categories. For instance, before one of the first games of January 2017, the SecuTix team set up four separate promotional campaigns targeting four different audiences: families, subscribers, last-minute shoppers and others. Each segment was contacted at a different point during the week prior to the game. This differentiated communication strategy of the four campaigns paid off, achieving a 67% higher total revenue compared to a single campaign for a similar game.


A differentiated communication strategy by audience and game type can boost direct sales and keep fans interested in ongoing digital communication.

Sales driver: a more varied catalogue

LHC would only sell championship merchandise and subscriptions through its ticketing service. One of the key elements in the SecuTix action plan was diversifying the ticketing offers so as to maximise SecuTix 360°’s multi-product potential and offer fans unique products.

The first of these products was gift vouchers,  which were launched in the first half of December 2016 but still accounted for almost 2% of the month’s sales. Additional products were launched in January, such as packages for several games at a bundled discount or a special experience with tickets plus exclusive add-ons (rink-side appetizers, VIP after-party etc.)

All these new products are now sold online and can be promoted on social networks, through email campaigns and via the mobile app. Ultimately, a catalogue that is both diverse and appealing has the potential to reach a wider audience and attract more fans.


Introducing new, diversified products such as vouchers or packages (game + add-ons) provides many upsell opportunities across media channels.

SecuTix Marketing Servies – Added Value

Throughout the project, SecuTix Marketing Services worked hand in hand with the LHC team using agile methodology and tight communication. This pragmatic approach facilitated knowledge transfer and mutual learning, and allowed the club to capitalise on best practice. Chris Wolf concludes:

“The SecuTix Marketing Services team afforded us the objective view of a digital marketing expert, showed us how to maximise our use of the tool and taught us best practices in optimising sales and marketing strategies. Close teamwork and team synergy were key to the success of the project, which is having a lasting impact. Now that we’re familiar with best practice, the team is full of ideas for new marketing campaigns and offers.”

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