Since 2012, Le Havre Athletic Club (HAC) has been using the SecuTix 360° ticketing engagement platform to create and market a diverse range of offers through its various sales channels, including the HAC club website, the physical and virtual HAC shops, the ticket office and the Stade Océane website. In summer 2016, HAC introduced the audience management and digital marketing module which is natively integrated into the ticketing platform in order to interest and inspire loyalty among the public.

Reviewing the first six months of using the audience management module are Olivier Ouf, ticketing manager and Clémentine Maillot, head of digital marketing at the HAC.

How do you use SecuTix’ audience management module now?

Sending highly targeted newsletters

We use it to meet three needs. The first of these is targeting and list generation before the newsletters are sent out. On average, we issue fifteen newsletters a month to promote our offers in a personalised way to around 22,000 occasional customers and members. We market a very wide range of products, such as seats at football matches, cultural activities such as concerts at the Stade Océane, merchandising products, seasonal subscriptions and special offers. Considering the diversity of what we offer, the challenge is to segment our client base very carefully so that the right message can be targeted at the right person. Within this context, SecuTix allows us to define the segments using many different criteria (age, date of last purchase, member or not, etc.) and then target each sub-segment with offers and benefits that we think will interest them. This fine-tuning in terms of targeting means we can improve in both relevance and speed. For example, we can easily identify clients who have been to a match during the current season and suggest that they might attend a second one.

One of the big advantages of SecuTix’ audience management module is the principle of dynamic targets. When a contact meets certain criteria, they are automatically added to a target group. This allows us to reuse the same target from one campaign to another, with the guarantee that the target is always up-to-date.

Creating benefits

The second way we use it is to create and distribute benefits. These benefits mean we can construct tempting offers for different customers in order to generate sales.

We are able to configure a very wide choice of benefits in our catalogue and then we promote them through targeted advertising campaigns.

These benefits can be of interest to occasional clients, as well as to our members. The preferential rate for guests is an example of one of our member benefits. For each of the 19 matches during the season, the member can take along one or more people. The guests then benefit from a preferential rate and have access to seats in the stadium normally reserved for members. This type of sponsorship allows us to leverage our member community to attract other audiences and generate incremental sales.

Measuring the impact of promotions on sales

The third way we use the audience management module is to measure the impact of our campaigns. We can automatically generate URLs which are associated with each of our promotional activities. One of HAC’s particularities is its use of several platforms. There’s the website and the club’s Facebook account, the shop’s website and Facebook account, and of course, the Stade Océane website. Also, when we promote a new game, we want to identify how customers make their purchase, in other words which platforms convert best.

Thanks to the URL tracker mechanism generated by SecuTix, we are able to measure exactly how many sales have been generated by each platform for each promotional activity (Facebook posts, banner on home page, etc …).

Combining this information with Google Analytics gives us relevant data for measuring conversion rates and seeing how web users navigate, thus increasing our efficiency. We can see that most sales are currently generated through the HAC club site.

What role does SecuTix play within your member community?

We have a network of 3,500 members and it’s vital to maintain a good relationship with each of them throughout the season to encourage them to renew their membership for the coming season.

SecuTix allows us to precisely identify our members in our database and to get to know them better using indicators such as, for example, the total spent by an individual during a season.

Then we can interact with this community through newsletters aimed at loyalty or upgrading.

With regard to upselling, we use SecuTix to introduce new services or areas that weren’t included in their initial membership pack. We use the benefits to offer them a reduced parking tariff for the next match, or suggest incentives for them to try out a seat in a higher category. In addition, we regularly remind them of the benefits that are reserved for them. In fact, we aim to stimulate our members throughout the season through attractive offers that will make them want to renew their membership or upgrade.

To foster loyalty, we highlight certain events for our members. For example, all our members receive an email from us on their birthday. SecuTix has enabled us to automate this sort of campaign. Previously, we had to send an individual email to each member, which took a lot of time. Now, we set up the birthday campaign at the beginning of the season and it all runs automatically. The campaign runs in the background and thanks to the principle of dynamic targets, we know that each member will receive an email on their birthday with a gift token. This type of personalised attention allows us to develop a close relationship with our members and increases their loyalty from one season to the next.


How do you see SecuTix marketing module being used next?


We currently have a database of 22,000 contacts who have created a user account in our ticket shop since 2012. These contacts are occasional HAC customers, members or families who have bought concert tickets, together with fans who support us but have not yet made a purchase. Now we can use SecuTix to involve and engage this community through emails. The next step is to conquer other audiences, in other words to enrich our email database in order to widen the scope of our promotional activities.

This is a real ‘data’ challenge. At the moment, SecuTix gives us the means to animate and engage our community, but the starting point remains the email address. So we’ll be looking closely at the data import module of the tool in order to increase the number of addressable contacts in our database, for example by importing files from other services or external sources. We’ve already set up campaigns to encourage new contacts to create a user account, including through Facebook competitions, promotional offers and the use of re-targeting techniques. The potential is enormous, it just needs to be converted. We have 80,000 fans on Facebook. This community is certainly already ‘engaged’ with us, but the next step is to encourage them to create a customer account. Once in our databases, it’s up to us to motivate them so they buy their tickets via one of our sales channels and not at FNAC!