La Magnifique Society chooses SECUTIX and TIXNGO for optimal safety and traceability

La Magnifique Society Festival - the city of Reims musical event chose SECUTIX and its TIXNGO solution, the secure mobile ticketing system, to organise the very first festival 'under COVID' in France in June 2021. For the first time in France, a musical and cultural event used blockchain technology to sell and distribute part of its tickets.

A textbook case: first use of mobile blockchain technology during a French music festival

TIXNGO is a revolutionary ticketing solution from SECUTIX, relying on blockchain technology to create secure mobile tickets. Capable of connecting to any existing ticketing system, the TIXNGO wallet helps fight fraud, digitise the fan experience, and enhance the security of venues that host events. TIXNGO creates a unique and encrypted ticket for smartphones. This verifiable ticket reduces the risk of counterfeiting, and simplifies the transfer or resale process. Tickets are personal, dematerialised, and are sent as an email attachment a few days before the event. The QR code is then revealed to the user a few hours before the event, according to the wishes of the organiser.

Having already demonstrated its expertise in managing the UEFA ticket office, where nearly a million mobile tickets had been distributed through the blockchain-based UEFA EURO 2020 Mobile Tickets application, TIXNGO was up to the challenge for La Magnifique Society. In less than three weeks, a mobile, flexible ticketing system allowing optimal traceability was set up.

A success story, despite the very short deadlines

Thanks to SECUTIX, the festival organisers were able to integrate the health constraints, and offer a reservation system that ensured compliance with the rules of social distancing and filling of the space (composed of two open stages including a main stage) to half-capacity, despite the extremely short deadlines.

In less than three weeks, out of the 3,500 tickets on sale in total, 800 were made available on the dedicated application 'La Magnifique Society - LMS Fest' using TIXNGO technology. All of these mobile tickets sold out in record time, with an activation rate of 100%.

'We know SECUTIX well, as it has been the official ticketing solution for the main concert hall in Reims (La Cartonnerie) since 2014', says Juliette Dazy, Reception Manager of La Magnifique Society: 'Collaborating with an experienced partner, which has supported the city's musical events for several years, enabled us to work closely together under difficult circumstances. There is no doubt about the performance of the TIXNGO tool - digitising ticketing in a flexible, efficient, and completely secure manner is today the major challenge for all organisers of shows and cultural events.'

TIXNGO will be assisting us in the next edition of the festival in June 2022, for which an even larger number of tickets will be handled by the dedicated mobile application.

Blockchain technology: the future of ticketing

With the health crisis, traceability has become a sine qua non for the organisation of events for the general public, and the digital transformation of ticketing systems has accelerated. In addition to the need to collect data on the spectators who attend for public health reasons, there are advantages of being able to keep track of the audience's reservation route and agility in ticket redistribution.

In a complicated situation, where cancellations, rescheduling, and changes are frequent, thereby allowing the black market to propagate, the organisers need to stay in touch with their audiences, and know precisely who is buying their tickets, for whom, when, and how. With the La Magnifique Society Festival, SECUTIX and its TIXNGO solution were able to demonstrate on a large scale the advantages of blockchain technology applied to the organisation of a musical event. The health crisis has paved the way for the application of this innovation in ticketing management, and has made it possible to show the organisers of cultural and musical events its unparalleled benefits in terms of traceability, targeting audiences, and reduction of trafficking and black market activity.

Christian Binelli, Managing Director of SECUTIX, explains:

'We are proud to have been able to assist the organisation of the first official festival in France under COVID with Blockchain Technology: a world first in the musical and cultural sector. The team at La Cartonnerie (the modern music concert hall in Reims) and the organiser of the La Magnifique Society Festival, worked tirelessly to be able to offer a quality event to its audiences, without compromising their safety. Our solution gave them an appreciable level of traceability and flexibility in an uncertain situation, where the public wanted to be able to buy or cancel their tickets up until the last moment. By starting the ball rolling with a first festival in the 'COVID' era, SECUTIX has established itself as a trusted partner at the forefront of technology, capable of ensuring the smooth running of cultural and musical events now and in the future.'