Health n Go

TIXnGO, the secure mobile blockchain ticketing platform – a SecuTix sister company and part of the ELCA Group – announces the launch of Health n Go, a secure health certificate mobile delivery solution.

Repurposing the existing TIXnGO blockchain based technology, Health n Go will be able to securely distribute health certificates at scale and in line with government and corporate needs, if this route is chosen to ease lockdowns. TIXnGO is already proven to be technically effective at scale. In recent times, the platform has used blockchain to securely distribute tickets for major sporting events run by both global and European sports organisations, including football tickets on behalf of UEFA.

Health n Go is designed to safely deliver digital health certificates

Health n Go is designed to safely deliver digital health certificates from a trusted authority such as a doctor or health organisation. Each time a health certificate is issued in the platform, a unique, encrypted and completely traceable identity is attached to it. Individuals will keep their health certificates on a specific wallet on their smartphone, which can be shown on request and the QR code read by a scanner.

The Perfect Match: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology

Using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, the system combats any attempt at certificate fraud. Duplicating or counterfeiting the certificate is prevented thanks to the unique identity of each certificate. The system monitors patterns of attempted fraud which can lead to the revocation of a certificate, if required.

The solution can be hosted on a national private or public cloud and is GDPR compliant to address health data requirements.

Several pilots of Health n Go are beginning with Swiss international companies and civil and military organisations. The company is in discussion about running further pilots with other interested parties.

Learn more about Health n Go here