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Pamper your contacts

Pamper your contacts

Offer the right concept to the right person.

The products offered by SecuTix to encourage customer loyalty, combined with numerous options for promotional offers and a powerful CRM tool, give you the means to run attractive customer retention campaigns that are nuanced depending on your audience.

The tariff structures allow the price to be tailored to the event, the audience (individual or groups) or the sales channel. Their ease of use allows you to set well-adjusted prices to match your needs in terms of reactivity and granularity.

Use the options to display suggestions dynamically in context to encourage the purchase of additional items in the average shopping basket.

Take account of the new requirements when creating the free subscription concepts and market them on different channels to retain the public's loyalty and offer them a tailor-made service.

Offer complementary services by composing packages combining ticket products, services and shop items to increase and diversify the revenues.

Power of CRM

Power of CRM

Make the quality of communications with your public more dynamic.

SecuTix integrates a customer relationship management tool that allows fine segmentation for your marketing strategy to develop your revenues, your public and your reputation.

Use the option of sending e-mails automatically according to customers' behaviour and their profile to set up preferential and personalised commercial relations.

Create and send—via all communication channels—targeted promotional offers valid for a limited or unlimited period, for individual or combined products, in order to attract the public and retain their loyalty.

Social networks

Social networks

Identify and augment the number of your fans.

SecuTix integrates social networks and allows you to benefit from the viral nature of this medium by offering dedicated promotional offers to convert your fans into ambassadors.

Identify users who share their purchases on Facebook and follow the number of clicks received by these publications to know your ambassadors and establish personalised communications with them.

To enhance the reputation of your brand, give your visitors the option of accessing your site via their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account and of sharing their purchases on their social network.

Designed natively for the Internet

Designed natively for the Internet

A 100% mobile experience.

SecuTix has developed a new high-performing, resilient and user-friendly generation of services for selling on the Internet, based on the latest technology and new buying behaviour. The advanced ergonomics and varied functions of the platform allow you to market your entire offer on the Internet.

Distribute and manage centrally your offering across all sales channels to develop a strong, consistent and accessible commercial strategy for all media (thermal, e-tickets, m-tickets, kiosks).

Offer a dedicated space online to groups, organisations and companies, allowing the sale of tickets at the negotiated rates, deferred payment as well as electronic distribution of the tickets to the actual spectator.

Special sales

Special sales

Sales channels for all needs.

Don't forget the conventional channels! SecuTix allows you to install kiosks at your sites and also to work with call centres to manage your sales.

Create an event within the event by managing a queue on the Internet to ensure that business is very brisk when the site opens and to guarantee that the purchasing process will be smooth.

Offer an alternative to the black market by providing access to a ticket exchange in your corporate identity colours, allowing you to manage ticket transfers.

Organise private sales with a space dedicated to your preferential customers by providing exclusive access to limited promotional offers.

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SecuTix offers an integrated ticketing solution , which allows you to manage your operational activities, while prioritizing the visitor experience in areas such as the sale of tickets and services, management of guided tours, shop management, management of private lounges, access control and visualization of room availability.

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Do you need support with your ticketing activities, either on a regular basis or at certain times? SecuTix provides you with operational management services to prepare and succeed in your sales as well as advice and marketing services to maximise the impact of your campaigns, making the most of your data.

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SecuTix is based on an open and modular architecture that forms part of your information system, which will accompany you in the evolution of your IT requirements, your new activities and your partnerships.

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