Ticketing solution for sports clubs

Play according to your own rules!

Turn every visitor into a devoted supporter, offer new paid services and become an essential place to meet for your local partners!

Attract – Host – Reward

Attract – Host – Reward

Because your supporters are essential to the life of the club – pamper them.

Offer exclusive information on the team, easier access to events, associated products or priority offers for other events. There is no limit to the number of services you can list, both inside and outside the stadium.

Day after day, capitalise on your knowledge of your fans to target them with tailor-made offers and nurture a strong, active and personalised relationship across your various communications channels.

Based on the fixture list for the championship and cup competitions, SecuTix offers more extensive options when it comes to creating fixed or free subscription concepts and marketing them via both conventional and Internet sales channels.

Balance between revenue and filling the venue

Balance between revenue and filling the venue

Draw up tactical commercial offers.

Thanks to the packaging possibilities, your club can sell its games in packs to achieve winning synergies between the big match and other games.

Creating excitement, even for a few remaining seats, is no longer a problem thanks to SecuTix's ability to cope with heavy traffic to the site. It is enough to make the availability known, and the solution manages the rest.

SecuTix's ticketing solution for sports clubs allows sales activities to be tailored according to the stadium filling and to how close it is to the event.

In order to put tickets on sale at the rates negotiated with supporter groups and committees, SecuTix offers dedicated space online which includes the negotiated conditions, deferred payment and electronic distribution of tickets to the actual spectator.

Services for VIPs

Services for VIPs

Optimise your revenues by promoting your corporate offering efficiently.

Exploit the diversity of your offers relating to events and the stadium for the benefit of your local partners – sponsors, local companies, VIPs, etc.

With SecuTix it is possible to sell hospitality products combining boxes, VIP seats and exclusive services (catering, access/parking, reception, etc.), through an integrated proposal for partners, sponsors and companies.

Efficiently arrange the space you have available for private functions to include reservation planning, flexible charging and management options for table planning, thus initiating a diversification of income sources and greater profitability for the infrastructure.

Give your sales force an opportunities management tool integrated with ticketing so that the commercial team can follow up their proposals easily in order to give your revenues a regular boost through high-value-added services.

More revenues

More revenues

Provide and develop synergies for each of your activities

SecuTix's ticketing software for sports clubs offers integrated management of shops – both in the physical sense and online – including stock monitoring, suppliers and shipments. The touchscreen sales screen is extremely convenient to use and makes it possible to suggest combined sales with ticketing products to increase revenues.

The module for managing visits allows tour guides to be planned and ensures that there is scope to combine these with other products and services so that groups, organisations and companies are offered an unforgettable experience with their club.

And measure the effectiveness of this.

The SecuTix dashboard provides a single management view of your activities to allow you to measure your commercial effectiveness and speedily identify the opportunities requiring a plan of action. Then it takes just one more click to obtain additional business information to make it easier to read, monitor and create forecasts of all your activities organised according to various lines of enquiry.

Security at all levels

Security at all levels

Ticketing solution for sports clubs.

Don't make any compromises when it comes to security: SecuTix offers certified PCI DSS online payments and unforgeable print@home tickets thanks to a unique patented system.

Electronic access control operates for all your tickets, allows flexible management of the access rules, dynamic allocation of readers and a means of supervision accessible from the reader to ensure efficiency, smooth operation and security upon arrival.

A professional service with a redundant and highly secure infrastructure ensures confidentiality, data protection as well as maximum availability.

Thanks to a solution that is fully available on the cloud, benefit from high-performing services and concentrate on your core business.

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