Ticketing solution for museums

Fill up all the space!

Raise your profile and power of attraction by presenting your offers and associated services on all sales channels.

A successful visit

A successful visit

Be more efficient and have more satisfied visitors.

With SecuTix it is possible to distribute time-slot tickets for a specific date and manage this centrally for all sales channels in order to regulate and optimise the flow of visitors and revenues.

Offer the visitor the option to avoid a queue at a special price thanks to queuing cut possibilities available when buying a ticket.

Reduce waiting times by opting for an intelligent touchscreen ticket-vending machine.

During periods when business is slow, switch to more varied ticketing options, which include combined offers, current promotions and visitor information to provide a higher quality experience and relevant advice.

The museum from 7 to 77 years old

The museum from 7 to 77 years old

Adapt your offer to your various visitors.

Retain the loyalty of your visitors by developing distinct advantages for each category of person. Develop with ease a membership policy that adds prestige to your services, e.g. access to private viewings, reduced rates for special guided visits and personalized newsletters.

And measure its effectiveness.

The SecuTix dashboard provides a single management view of your activities to allow you to measure the effectiveness of offers and identify the commercial and marketing actions to be implemented. It then takes just one more click to obtain additional business information to make it easier to read, monitor and create forecasts of all your activities organized according to various lines of enquiry.

Online ticket sales

Online ticket sales

Anticipate and ensure that your museum is full.

SecuTix's museum ticketing software offers a fast and simple online sales service for pre-sales operations and the reservation of offers for your members.

The products offered by SecuTix to encourage customer loyalty, combined with numerous options for promotional offers and a powerful CRM tool, give you the means to run attractive customer retention campaigns that are nuanced depending on your audience.

The tariff structures allow the prices to be tailored to the event, the audience (individual or groups) or the sales channel. Their ease of use allows you to set well-adjusted prices to match your needs in terms of reactivity and granularity.

The most of your space

The most of your space

Build on a friendly atmosphere.

Combine the visit with brunch at the restaurant and extend the emotion and memories by suggesting a purchase of derivative products such as the exhibition catalogue.

Increase your partnerships by offering private use of the space.

SecuTix integrates management of retail outlets with monitoring of stock, suppliers and exhibitions. The touchscreen sales screen is extremely convenient to use and makes it possible to suggest combined sales with ticketing products to increase revenues.

The module for renting out space includes reservation planning, flexible charging and management options for table planning, and makes it possible to diversify income sources and achieve greater profitability for the infrastructure.

Hosting groups

Hosting groups

Simplify your group activities.

Offer groups (schools, associations, companies, etc.) dedicated space online to allow them to request options and follow the plans for their visit.

The module for managing visits allows tour guides to be planned and ensures that there is scope to combine these with other products and services so that groups, organizations and companies are offered an efficient service in line with their expectations.

The organization of educational workshops to host school visits becomes child's play, thanks to integrated management of tour guides and their work schedule planning.

Simplicity and effectiveness

Simplicity and effectiveness

The ticketing solution for museums.

Thanks to a solution that is fully available on the cloud, benefit from high-performing services and concentrate on your core business.

A professional service covering all the architecture, combined with a redundant and highly secure infrastructure, ensures confidentiality, data protection as well as maximum availability.

A seamless and modern user interface allows all profiles to organize their working space in line with their needs, habits and priorities.

All the operations are traced to provide customers with maximum benefit when monitoring their files and for easier clarifications in the event of disputes.

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