Ticketing solution for festivals

Make an ephemeral event an essential place to meet!

The success of a festival depends on your ability to create the event and to bring together crowds without compromising on safety.

The event within the event

The event within the event

Make the opening of sales an eagerly anticipated moment.

Generate enthusiasm and start a queue to ensure that business is brisk when the site opens for sales and to guarantee that the purchasing process will be smooth.

Be sure of success by capitalizing on a high-performing, user-friendly system, that provides smooth and continuous access to your ticketing operations, even if the site is handling high volumes of business.

SecuTix's robust, secure and high-performing access monitoring guarantees that you have systematic and rigorous control of your tickets whilst still offering your visitors a high-quality experience. It allows all your tickets to be read electronically.

Thanks to native integration, the monitoring information is sent back in real time and affords a unique view of how ticket sales are progressing... giving you opportunities for multiple services aimed at your customers.

Your community

Your community

Make your spectators your ambassadors.

Keep in contact with your audience throughout the whole year.

Stimulate the desire to purchase offers by personalizing and targeting promotions, thus creating a unique experience from the time the tickets are sold until the visitors actually arrive at the festival site.

SecuTix's ticketing software for festivals permits distribution and centralized management of the offering across all sales channels to develop a strong, consistent and accessible sales strategy for all media (thermal, e-tickets, m-tickets).

Services for VIPs and companies

Services for VIPs and companies

Offer high-value-added services.

With SecuTix it is possible to sell hospitality products combining boxes, VIP seats and exclusive services (catering, access/parking, reception, etc.), thanks to an integrated proposal for partners, sponsors and companies.

Efficiently arrange the space you have available for private functions to include reservation planning, flexible charging and management options for table planning, thus initiating a diversification of income sources and greater profitability for the infrastructure.

A secure sales network

A secure sales network

Just one click to open sales points.

Fight back against the black market by offering a secure and integrated exchange site under your control, putting last-minute sales on a proper footing.

Whether it is for your partners' sales points (banks, tourist offices, shops, hotels, etc.) or for organizations and works councils, offer a dedicated space on the Internet for the sale and distribution of tickets.

And measure its effectiveness.

The SecuTix dashboard provides a single management view of your activities to allow you to measure the effectiveness of the sales channels and identify the commercial and marketing actions to be implemented. It then takes just one more click to obtain additional business information to make it easier to read, monitor and create forecasts of all your activities organized according to various lines of enquiry.

Simplicity and effectiveness

Simplicity and effectiveness

Ticketing solution for festivals.

Thanks to a solution that is fully available on the cloud, benefit from high-performing services and concentrate on your core business.

A professional service covering all the architecture, combined with a redundant and highly secure infrastructure, ensures confidentiality, data protection as well as maximum availability.

A seamless and modern user interface allows all profiles to organize their working space in line with their needs, habits and priorities.

All the operations are traced to provide customers with maximum benefit when monitoring their files and for easier clarifications in the event of disputes.

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