Ticketing solution for fairs, shows, congresses and exhibitions

A unique venue for exchanging, entertainment and discovery

Congress and exhibition organisers evaluate the appeal of your venue according to your ability to attract their customers by offering key services and the guarantee of a high-quality visitor

A venue with potential to evolve and with multi-activities

A venue with potential to evolve and with multi-activities

Opt for a solution that matches your agenda.

Because your venue may be hosting several events simultaneously, such as exhibitions, fairs, shows and congresses, opt for SecuTix's ticketing solution and experience centralised management of all your activities.

Develop the visitor experience, by favouring flexible, multi-media and evolutionary access control.

Demand more from your ticketing system and, for example, take control of the time that vehicles park in the unloading zone by applying an effective system of deposits.

The battle to win over new exhibitors

The battle to win over new exhibitors

The success of an exhibition depends on the quality and number of visitors.

Offer your exhibitors new online services allowing them to manage their passes, to monitor the use of the invitations they have distributed in real time, and also to harvest information about the visitors on their stand.

Offer them to set up campaigns that allow them to communicate with visitors supplying information or offers at the most opportune moment.

Provide a web space for printers, making it possible to visualise and update ticket orders. SecuTix, the ticketing software for fairs, shows, congresses and exhibitions, is continuously aware of the status of these orders.

Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency

Ticketing solution for fairs, shows, congresses and exhibitions.

The temporary nature of exhibitions and the varied flows of your visitors demand a great deal of flexibility and efficiency in the deployment of robust and fast tills, with an access control system that is high-performing, easy to set-up and modular, depending on the type of event.

The diversity of your entrance tickets and their various formats necessitates a central system capable of managing numerous products (invitations, passes, services, etc.) and able to handle several ticket types, whilst also offering an interface that allows  mass printing and dispatching of tickets and invitations to be delegated to your printing partner.

You manage the distribution of invitations to the exhibitors and the general public and you monitor and invoice the effective use of the invitations issued.

Thanks to a solution that is fully available on the cloud, benefit from high-performing services and concentrate on your core business.

Olma Messen St.Gallen

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