Each day is a new opportunity to demonstrate to our customers our commitment to deliver the best service.

Because the ticket is the link between your public and you

More than just a ticket

More than just a ticket

The ticket is the imprint of the route the customer takes.

At SecuTix, we understand that the ticket is much more than a document that entitles the holder to gain access to a venue. The ticket – whether on paper or in paperless form – symbolises an experience. This experience starts at the moment of purchase and can sometimes be extended after the event, thanks to appropriate digital communication and the elaboration of services or offers targeted according to the profile of your audience.

Since 2002

Since 2002

We remain passionate.

For over ten years we have done everything possible to simplify the life of professionals working in the fields of entertainment, sports, museums and events.

We offer a highly effective state-of-the-art solution devised to meet the most exacting needs in terms of ticketing and customer relationship management. We support your operational processes and improve the relationship with your customers through the management of digital communications.

Our mission is to continue to support you as your business changes by offering innovative and highly effective solutions.

Lausanne – Paris – Madrid

Lausanne – Paris – Madrid

Our heart is European.

Based in Lausanne, SecuTix – a subsidiary of the ELCA Group – was founded in 2002 to meet the need in the marketplace for paperless tickets – a requirement that was still emerging at the time.

Buoyed by the success achieved with its secure print@home ticket, in 2004 SecuTix marketed its first ticketing solution designed natively for the Internet. To meet the new challenges recognised on the market, SecuTix revealed a new generation of ticketing solutions in 2009 where the king pin is the customer: SecuTix 360°.

Today we have customers all over Europe and in varied sectors such as sports clubs, arenas, concert halls, festivals, museums, theme parks, fairs and transport companies. We have offices in many countries so that we can guarantee support that is close at hand and a response that meets your expectations.



Our wealth lies in our differences.

SecuTix has more than sixty employees comprising 13 different nationalities and an average age under 36.

They include project managers, business consultants passionate about ticketing, engineers from the best universities, as well as ergonomists, digital marketing specialists and a team dedicated to customer support.

Based in Lausanne, Paris and Madrid, we are deploying our energy and enthusiasm to assist professionals from the fields of entertainment, sport, culture and events to manage their ticketing and broaden their relations with their public. With the best technology and more than 12 years of experience, we help our customers to deal with the new daily challenges of their business.

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