Blockchain Technology can be leveraged to bring to the Ticketing Industry a more Secure, Healthier and Safer Environment

In this podcast, The Product & Marketing Manager of TIXNGO, Pierre Etter, answers Dave Wakeman’s questions related to Big Data, fraud, revenue, engagement of customers, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology in the ticketing business.

In addition to clarifying and explaining the simplicity of these technical terms, something that worries and is a priority in the ticketing industry, especially for event attendees in times of covid, is how they can be more secure so that they can come back to the stadiums and events.“What we have been doing for two to three years is to leverage mobile technology, block and machine learning like artificial intelligence to bring to reality a million of tickets that have been used to a lot of sport organizations, museums, festivals, and so on. Today, we can bring to the world some tools that can help to be safer and has trustability into who is going to an event so you can contact these people before, during and after the event”.


“You will be able to engage your audience, communicate and connect with them through the social media channels”
“Blockchain makes it safer, we eliminate fraud.”
“Save money, no more printing for tickets”


You can listen to the full podcast here:

Dave Wakeman's The Business of Fun Podcast: Pierre Etter

By the end of this podcast, you will have a deeper understanding of how blockchain can increase revenue and lower costs in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis for your ticketing business and how your organization can be proactive.

Therefore, looking to the future and the new normal, Pierre Etter will talk about a revolutionary new tool on the market, called HEALTHnGO, The Secure Mobile Health Certificate Wallet.

This tool repurposes the existing TIXNGO blockchain-based technology to securely distribute health certificates at scale and in line with government and corporate needs.