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Centre Pompidou Modernises Ticket Sales and Boosts Audience Development

Lausanne, Paris, Madrid, London, Munich – 20th April 2017

SecuTix, the global provider of a SaaS ticketing engagement platform for the sports, culture and leisure industries, has announced that the Centre Pompidou has implemented SecuTix 360° to manage ticket sales across multiple channels and increase customer loyalty through targeted marketing campaigns and tailored promotional offers.

With 3.4 million yearly visitors and daily visitor numbers of up to 15,000, Centre Pompidou is the sixth largest museum in Europe in terms of attendance and has recorded a 9% growth in 2016, despite the tourism decline in Paris. Eight months after choosing ticketing engagement platform SecuTix 360°, the Centre Pompidou switched its entire functional area in less than 24 hours, a first for a cultural institution of this scale.

Modernising ticket sales and centralising visitor data

At the end of 2013, the Centre Pompidou began a project to overhaul its ticketing and customer relationship management systems. This was led by the Directorate General headed by Denis Berthomier and carried out jointly by the Information Systems Department and the Audience Department. Catherine Guillou, director of the Audience Department at Centre Pompidou noted:

Making culture accessible to everyone is one of the fundamental missions of a cultural institution such as the Centre Pompidou. It was therefore essential to have a tool that allows us to diversify our audience segments and create a privileged relationship with our visitors as far upstream as possible.”

  • The first objective was to facilitate the sale of all services on the online ticketing site – including guided tours and arrangements for groups, with complete control over the setting. “The ticketing tool in place did not bring us the precision we were looking for in implementing our internet commercial policy. We needed a tool adapted to all the particularities of the different areas of the Centre Pompidou in terms of their marketing (museum, live entertainment, cinema, mediation activities …)” said Cécile Venot, head of the team in charge of audience development at the Centre Pompidou.
  • The second objective was to improve audience targeting capabilities. “We lacked a complete view of the history and purchasing behaviour of our customers as the data was dispersed in different applications. These data limitations restricted the scope of our marketing actions.”
  • Finally, the project also aimed to consolidate the information system. “We wanted to streamline our applications and centralise our customer data in one single place”, said Philippe Benaïche, Director of Information Systems at the Centre Pompidou.

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An integrated tool at the forefront of technology

Following competitive evaluation of three providers, the Centre Pompidou selected SecuTix.

Beyond the rich functionality of the tool, it was the integration of ticketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) around a centralised contact point that really convinced us”, said Cécile Venot.

The modern approach of the solution was another asset.

“SecuTix 360° is a SaaS solution completely designed for the web. It offers the assurance of a solution that integrates the latest technological developments, protecting us from the risk of obsolescence and allowing us to adapt to the changing habits of our audiences” continued Philippe Benaïche.

A wide-scale project

Throughout the project, the SecuTix and Centre Pompidou teams worked closely to implement the wide-scale project, addressing multiple challenges:

  • Broad functional scope: on-line sales, on-site ticket office sales or ticket machine sales, telephone reservations, back office, memberships, access control in the Centre Pompidou and CRM.
  • Terminals and equipment: replacement of ticket office equipment, access controls and the set-up of new purchasing terminals.
  • Data volume: 500,000 contacts, 40,000 members, sales history for the past three years.
  • Multiple user profile: Support of 130 users with varying profiles – reception staff, telephone booking operators, back office, cashiers and marketing personnel.

On 22nd November 2016, the Centre Pompidou began the process of transferring the old system to SecuTix: 24 hours later, the new ticketing system was operational on all channels. “The actual change in the ticketing system came at a time when the René Magritte exhibition was in full swing and we were three weeks away from the end of the year. In view of the demand, it was essential to limit disruptions to the sales process and to ensure the continuity of operations. The scale of the project was challenging, but everything went well. We recorded our first on-line sale at 7:30am on 23rd November!” declared Philippe Benaïche.

The benefits

By increasing the online visibility of the entire catalogue, the audience development team has seen a significant increase in on-line sales of certain products, such as guided exhibition tours, which have gone from an average fill rate of 40% to 90%.

With detailed knowledge of purchasing behaviour, the audience development team can create differentiated offers. Cécile Venot continues:

“We now have a 360° view of our customers’ purchasing experience for all our services. A simple look at the contact sheet tells us if a member has bought a ticket for an event. This visibility allows us to better segment our audiences and create offers in line with their expectations. In addition, we are now able to measure the impact of our campaigns on ticketing revenue, allowing us to adjust our strategy continuously and ensure better operational management. This tool has opened up a whole new range of possibilities.”

The deployment of SecuTix has also made it possible to optimise certain management processes, such as group sales. The audience development team has dematerialised certain processes, such as sending confirmations for group visits or the sale of memberships, which are now available online from the Centre Pompidou call centre.

Christian Binelli, Managing Director of SecuTix France concludes: “It is hugely satisfying to have succeeded in modernising the box office of a cultural establishment the size of the Centre Pompidou in such a short time frame. Ticketing is a sensitive area that affects revenue, the quality of the service offered to the public and acceptance of change for the teams. The success of the project on these three points underpins our choice of a SaaS solution and confirms our skills in supporting major projects. I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the management of the Centre Pompidou for wholly embracing a very broad and far-reaching vision of this project, an essential factor for success in the digital transformation of cultural establishments.”