TIXNGO Paleo 2022

After two years of lockdowns and restrictions, the Paléo Festival is back. The biggest open-air festival in Switzerland started on the 19th July and runs to the 24th of July in Nyon and for the first time ever, is using digital ticketing thanks to a partnership with Lausanne-based TIXNGO, the secure mobile ticketing solution from SECUTIX.

Safe tickets thanks to secure wallets

This year, 189,000 digital tickets will be securely delivered through a new Paléo-branded ticket wallet powered by TIXNGO. This includes 129,000 day-tickets and 10,000 6-day passes. The solution helps tackle fraud by creating a unique, encrypted and fully traceable ticket for smartphones that is verified, removing the risk of counterfeit tickets.

It also allows those attending Paléo to easily control their tickets as they can securely download, transfer, keep, or assign a ticket to a guest at any point through the wallet.

Taking care of the Paléo family

Despite being the biggest outdoor festival in Switzerland, at its core Paléo is more like a family, taking care to ensure that all their visitors have the best festival experience. 

The new ticketing solution is helping to achieve this as visitors are being reached through push notifications within the app. As only digital tickets have been given to the general public, everyone received the messages before the event and continue to do so during it. In addition, questionnaires will be shared to give a voice to the crowd and make sure that Paléo is not just one festival people visit, but that it feels like their own festival which they can help shape for future years.

By digitizing its audience, the new wallet will allow Paléo to become increasingly data-led, providing it with deeper insights into the behaviour of its visitors. Ultimately, it will help the festival organizers connect better with their audiences through data collection and communication within the wallet.

Digital transformation for a sustainable festival

Digital tickets are also making this year’s festival more environmentally friendly. Paléo’s ambition is to reduce their carbon footprint by 25 per cent in time for their 50th festival, in 2028. The move away from paper tickets is a big leap forward towards a more sustainable festival. 

David Franklin, Ticket Manager of the Paléo Festival, said:

“We have worked hard in the last two years to create the best comeback after the pandemic. The partnership with TIXNGO fits our plan on many different levels as it helps us to reduce our impact on the environment, makes our festival more secure, and connects us even closer with the Paléo family. This is an important step to future proofing the festival.”

Frédéric Longatte, CEO of SECUTIX, added:

“We are delighted to be part of one of the most iconic events in Switzerland. Our parent company ELCA has worked with Paléo for over 20 years, constantly evolving the offering with new technologies to meet the changing needs of festival audiences. Today, our TIXNGO technology will help David and his team get closer to fans, understand them better and ultimately improve the fan experience. We’re really looking forward to this year's festival which will be more sustainable, secure and, I’m sure, spectacular than ever before.”

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