TIXNGO Covid Pass | Early CheckIn: a return to the live experience and carefree gatherings

The events and challenges of the pandemic after vaccinations

Cinemas, theatres and cultural venues in much of the world are returning to pre-Covid life in terms of capacity and abolishing social distancing. Meanwhile, stadiums and arenas in many countries still have limits on capacity but they are aiming to get back to normal as soon as possible.

Whilst venue managers can certainly breathe a sigh of relief, they are now faced with a more complex organisation, unless there is a revamp of ticketing and admission management services. Also not to be underestimated is the need to rebuild public trust, as many people would still prefer to avoid close contact with other people indoors. New contingencies also threaten to put the public's acceptance to the test. Covid Pass audit has raised many questions about privacy and the protection of the health data that is read at the entrance to public places. Finally, as we have all experienced by now, control procedures now risk slowing down admissions or even discouraging attendance at events, and this will happen all the more so if the halls are at full capacity. In order to enable faster and more efficient procedures, it is likely that venue managers will have to expand their staff or increase their hours of service, with corresponding increases in staff costs.

TIXNGO Covid Pass | Early CheckIn, simplification for event managers and spectators

TIXNGO, the secure blockchain-based mobile ticket wallet, provides all the security that operators and audiences need to return to carefree live entertainment with a feature called TIXNGO Covid Pass | Early CheckIn.

It works in a very similar way to boarding an aeroplane: a few days before the event, the ticket holder for the event, concert or football match will receive a notification on their smartphone with instructions on how to upload their Covid Pass from the comfort of their own home.

The system will then validate the authenticity and validity of the document, checking it against the name on the ticket and allowing the user to gain priority access at the event.

If the names on the ticket and the Covid Pass do not match, if the Covid Pass has expired, or if the ticket for the event belongs to a child age who does not need a Covid Pass by law, access will be by non-priority entry and must be managed by an operator, who will check whether the conditions for access are met.

TIXNGO Covid Pass Early CheckIn

Giving spectators back the thrill of the live experience and coming together. Even better!

TIXNGO is one of the first solutions in the world to provide the Covid Pass | Early CheckIn functionality for cinemas, cultural venues, stadiums and entertainment events in general, with the aim of giving spectators the thrill of the live experience and social gathering, making it even more enjoyable, thanks to the acceleration of the ticket verification and entry phases, in full compliance with anti-Covid and privacy requirements. Covid Pass health data is only stored on the user's device without being downloaded to the event organisers' systems.

For their part, the operators of theatres, museums, stadiums and arenas and all sites open to the public will benefit from simplified operations, since thanks to the streamlined planning of entrances and the management of fast lanes, no additional staff will be needed on duty to manage access to the event, even with 100% venue capacity. Similarly, the implementation of TIXNGO is extremely simple and takes no more than four weeks, with no need to upgrade the existing ticketing system.

If you would like to know more about the TIXNGO Covid Pass | Early CheckIn functionality, don’t hesitate to contact us to get a free demo.