Fans soccer SECUTIX
Fans soccer SECUTIX

From 2024, football fans in Switzerland may have to prove their identity via personalised tickets before entering a stadium.

The potential rule change is being discussed as authorities look for ways to clamp down on crowd violence and disruption inside stadiums during matches.

A growing number of major clubs are already utilising such technology, including RB Leipzig, BSC Young Boys and AFC Ajax, both of whom have adopted personalised digital matchday tickets that can be accessed through SECUTIX’s secure mobile ticket wallet, TIXNGO.

SECUTIX’s digital ticketing solution leverages blockchain technology, allowing clubs to deliver the fan's encrypted tickets through a secure mobile ticket wallet and track and control throughout all stages of each individual ticket’s lifecycle. This means clubs know exactly who is using each ticket and who is entering the stadium on match days, and are able to take action against any fraudulent or dangerous behaviour.

In Switzerland, a group including representatives from the clubs, relevant sporting authorities, the police and the University of Bern has recently published a report investigating the possibility of introducing nominated tickets.

How does personalised digital ticketing work on matchdays?

  • A fan buys a ticket through the club’s official ticketing platform, providing their identity when purchasing

  • On matchday, a personalised barcode is generated just before entry, significantly reducing any risk of fraudulent tickets being sold at inflated prices, and granting the holder quick and easy access to the stadium 

  • The club is able to track exactly who has entered the stadium, allowing action to be taken against dangerous or criminal behaviour

TIXNGO’s personalised digital ticket solution has also been used elsewhere in the sporting world, being successfully rolled out across global showcase events in golf, cricket and tennis, as well as other major cultural events in the music, arts and tourism sectors.

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