Piccolo Theatre Secutix partnership


SECUTIX, the European provider of advanced digital solutions for the live entertainment sector, was chosen as the technological platform for the digitisation of the ticketing system by the Fondazione Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d'Europa. Subject to a public tender, the contract provides for the use of SECUTIX's SaaS (Software as a Service) S-360 solution for the issuance of tickets and subscriptions, together with marketing features, which will allow the Theatre to manage every aspect of its shows. This prestigious institution wishes, through the tender, to integrate ticketing into the corporate ecosystem, acquiring greater autonomy and expertise in ticketing and revising the processes with the aim of digitisation with a positive reflection also for the public, in terms of the "customer journey". 

Thanks to SECUTIX's CRM and audience management modules, fully integrated into the S-360 platform, the Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d'Europa will be able to monitor the interests and expectations of its audience in real time and interact in an appropriate and non-invasive way with audiences, thanks to the possibility of structuring campaigns to offer personalised experiences and information on events of interest, with a view to consolidating customer loyalty.

According to the recent survey of the Digital Innovation Observatory in Cultural Heritage and Activities of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano , the difficult situation of the last two years, which has heavily marked the entire live entertainment sector, is already facing a recovery, largely thanks to the use of technology. The Observatory's data confirm the trend of investment in digital, in particular for theatres, which are expected to focus mainly on marketing, communication and customer care (40%) and on ticketing, booking management and access control (18%).

In general, the cultural industry is rethinking the way it operates. Also on the basis of current European experiences, SECUTIX confirms that the adoption of digital platforms will allow the cultural sector as a whole to halve the time taken to return to pre-pandemic levels. The two years of restrictions have also revolutionised the way of approaching the public and now more than ever, museums and cultural institutions need an agile technological solution that is capable of responding and reacting efficiently. SECUTIX has updated its platform and introduced several innovations that will help theatres, museums and galleries to make their planning future-proof. 

"The Piccolo Teatro di Milano Teatro d'Europa is the protagonist of a choice of innovation equal to its prestige in the Italian cultural sector", says Alessandra Sciolotto, General Manager of SECUTIX Italia. "We see today that spectators are excited to return to performances and events in person, after the fears of the past months, but with a very careful and selective approach, buying more and more tickets online, for example. The real challenge of modern culture is to exploit this trend to return to social life, directing energies and resources in the transition to digital. We are pleased that the Piccolo Teatro di Milano Teatro d'Europa has seized this opportunity by relying on SECUTIX", continues Alessandra Sciolotto.

"The Piccolo Teatro di Milano Teatro d'Europa takes up the challenge of digital in the belief that innovation and culture are today an inseparable combination. SECUTIX's solution responds perfectly to our needs, with an international scope: it allows us to manage events in a flexible way, processing large volumes of fundamental data and outlining trends, and will certainly be a fundamental support for our growth", said Alessandro Borchini, Director of Communication and Marketing at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano - Teatro d'Europa.

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